Margaret Jardine

Directing Credits

1988: March 2-5 Quiet In The Land
1990: March 1990 Of The Fields Lately

Acting Credits

1980: January 24-26 The Popcorn Man
1981: March 18-21 Bousille And The Just
1982: October 1982 Jitters
1987: January 14-17 Key For Two
1988: October 19-22 84 Charing Cross Road
1989: January 18-21 On the Razzle
1989: May 1989 Pardon Me, Prime Minister
1990: January 1990 And a Nightingale Sang
1991: May 1991 When We Are Married

Production Credits

Production Manager Which Witch is Which?
Absent Friends
Stage Manager Jill
Assistant Stage Manager Noises Off
Lighting Assistant Cause Celebre
Continuity Dandy Dick
Habeas Corpus
I Never Sang For My Father
Dangerous Corner
Charley's Aunt
A Bequest To The Nation
On the Razzle
A Delicate Balance
Properties Forty Carats
Bedroom Farce
Round And Round The Garden
Choice for the Future
Furnishings Two And Two Make Sex
The Philadelphia Story
Choice for the Future
Costumes Hay Fever
Wardrobe Romantic Comedy
Enter Laughing
Waiting For The Parade