Brenda Robinson

Directing Credits

1982: March 1982 Round And Round The Garden

Acting Credits

1973: October 18, 19, 20 Blithe Spirit
1974: May 23 The Public Eye
1974: Oct 31, Nov 1 & 2 Dear Charles
1974: November 23 Salad Days
1975: December 13, 14 Cinderella
1976: April 24 The Corn Is Green (scenes)
1977: January 12-15 Lloyd George Knew My Father
1977: October 19-22 Not Now Darling
1978: December 14-17, 1977 A Christmas Carol
1979: May 9-12 How The Other Half Loves
1980: October 22-25 Bedroom Farce
1981: December 9-12 I Never Sang For My Father
1983: January 19-22 Otherwise Engaged

Production Credits

Production Manager Hedda Gabler
The Love Of Four Colonels
The Chalk Garden
Set Design Hedda Gabler
Many Moons
The Popcorn Man
Set Construction Jill
Set Painter Love's The Best Doctor
Diary Of A Scoundrel
Forty Carats
Hay Fever
Set Decor Everything In The Garden
Continuity Bea, Frank, Richie, and Joan
Properties Hunting Stuart
Life With Father
Two And Two Make Sex
Furnishings The Love Of Four Colonels
The Chalk Garden
Angel Street
Murder Once Removed
Dandy Dick
The Country Girl
Bousille And The Just
The Philadelphia Story
Dresser Romantic Comedy
Make-up Noises Off