Martin Weeden

Co-Directing Credits

2003: December 27-29 Aladdin & his Wonderful Magical Lamp
2004: December 27, 28 & 29 Through the Looking Glass
2007: Jan 30-Feb 3 & Feb 7-10 When the Reaper Calls
2009: September 15-26, The Kitchen Witches
2014: March 25 - April 5 Murder in Noirville

Acting Credits

1997: December 1997 Hansel & Gretel: A Christmas Story
1998: October 7-10 & 14-17 Hobson's Choice
1999: May 1999 The Madwoman of Chaillot
1999: Oct 27-30, Nov 2-6 The Death of Dracula
2001: Jan 24-27, Jan 30-Feb 3 Communicating Doors
2001: Nov 21-24 & Nov 27-Dec 1 Murder by Misadventure
2002: March 27-30, April 2-6 The Stillborn Lover
2002: November 13-16 & 18-23 An Experiment with an Air Pump
2006: Mar 28-Apr 1 & Apr 4-8 Enchanted April
2011: March 22 - April 2, 2011 Cash On Delivery
2012: February 7-11&14-18,2011 Pack of Lies
2013: May 14-18 & 21-25, 2013 A Flea In Her Ear
2016: February 2-6 & 9-13 Cat's Cradle

Production Credits

Production Manager Aladdin & his Wonderful Magical Lamp
Set Construction Happy Birthday
You Can't Take it With You -II
Therac 25
I Hate Hamlet
Calendar Girls
Construction Assistant Jaques Brel is Alive and Well ....
Departures & Arrivals
The Inheritance
A Few Good Men
West Moon Street
The Odd Couple
Lighting Assistant Jaques Brel is Alive and Well ....
Homeward Bound
Lighting Happy Birthday
Sound Design Much Ado About Nothing
The Cemetery Club
The Miss Firecracker Contest
Moon Over Buffalo
Happy Holly
You Can't Take it With You -II
Out of Sight ... Out of Murder
You'll Get Used To It - The War Show
The Seagull
Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun
The Lion in Winter
Sound Assistant Departures & Arrivals
Through the Looking Glass
Staff Room
Special Effects Aladdin & his Wonderful Magical Lamp
Properties Alone Together
Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka

From the program for Murder in Noirville

Martin Weeden (Director) is a very technical person and he first joined Kanata Theatre to get involved in sound and lighting but it wasn’t long until he found himself on the stage as an actor. He was last seen playing the role of the English bully Rugby in the highly successful presentation of A Flea in Her Ear. “Did nobody call?”, still haunts him to this day! Martin also played the role of the loving husband Bob in Pack of Lies. Martin produced for Rural Root Theatre’s presentation of Fairground Follies. If that job wasn’t enough, with only two days notice, he stepped into several roles due to illness.

From the program for Enchanted April:

MARTIN WEEDEN (Mellersh Wilton) is quite pleased to be back on the stage at KT after playing the dual roles of Dr. Fenwick/David in An Experiment with an Air Pump. When not on stage, he is a willing helper behind the scenes and this past June designed sound for the highly successful Youll Get Used to It! The War Show. Martin and his wife Helen co-directed two recent childrens productions, Aladdin and Through the Looking Glass. Martin, who lives in the former township of West Carleton, has been instrumental in the start-up efforts for the newly formed Rural Root Theatre Company.

From the program for When The Reaper Calls:

HELEN & MARTIN WEEDEN (Directors) Martin and Helen have been involved with Kanata Theatre either on or off stage in many capacities such as props, producers, sound and lighting. In last seasons production of Enchanted April, Martin played the daring (or should we say baring) role of Mellersh, while Helen worked on the costumes. Martin was previously seen in the role of Dr. Fenwick in Experiment with an Air Pump and Helen played Mina in Out of Sight, Out of Murder. Martin most recently designed sound for both Youll Get Used to It The War Show and Staff Room. Helen worked on costumes for Noises Off but is especially proud of her costume work for Youll Get Used to It The War Show. They co-directed two Kanata Theatre holiday productions: Aladdin and His Wonderful Magical Lamp and Alice Through the Looking Glass. Two years ago, Helen and Martin were instrumental in starting the Rural Root Theatre Company in the former township of West Carleton. Helen has directed My Darling Judith and will soon be working as director on Anne of Green Gables for their spring show.

From the program for The Kitchen Witches:

HELEN & MARTIN WEEDEN (Directors) have, once again, enjoyed the opportunity to work with such a great team on another KT production. In the past they directed When the Reaper Calls, as well as two holiday plays, Aladdin and His Wonderful Magical Lamp and Through the Looking Glass. They have also directed for Rural Root Theatre, with My Darling Judith, Anne of Green Gables, Cheatin Hearts and Dont Hug Me. They are a versatile couple and between them have also worked most notably on sound, costumes and props with several Kanata Theatre shows. Both have been on stage, most recently Martin in Kanata Theatres Enchanted April, and Helen, in Rural Root Theatres A Bull in a China Shop.
Martin and Helen are also founding members of Rural Root Theatre, situated in the former West Carleton Township, out of Constance Bay Community Centre.

From the program for Cash on Delivery:

MARTIN WEEDEN (Mr. Forbright) has had various on and off-stage roles with Kanata Theatre which include sound design and construction. Martin was last seen as the-naked-man-in-the-skimpy-towel in Enchanted April. He has co-directed, with wife Helen, four Kanata Theatre productions, the last being Kitchen Witches in 2009. Meanwhile, he has kept busy acting and directing with Rural Root Theatre, a company he and Helen helped start up in 2005. Cash on Delivery is the first full-on farce for Martin and it has already provided an ample supply of unforgettable experiences!

From the program for Pack of Lies:

MARTIN WEEDEN (Bob Jackson) has had many roles on-stage with Kanata Theatre and Rural Root Theatre: burglar, magistrate, undertaker, scientist, philosopher, murderer, murder victim, cobbler and solicitor. Now he appears as an ordinary middle-class man in an ordinary family, living in an ordinary house in an ordinary neighbourhood. Congratulations to the cast, the director and all of the crew who have brought to life this exceptional story. It has been an extraordinary experience!

From the program for A Flea in Her Ear

MartTin Weeden (Rugby) adds "the Brit" to his list of roles: family man (Pack of Lies), undertaker (Cash on Delivery), burglar and magistrate (White Sheep of the Family with Rural Root Theatre), solicitor (Enchanted April), scientist and philosopher (Experiment with an Air Pump), murderer (Communicating Doors), murder victim (Murder By Misadventure), policeman (Stillborn Lover), and cobbler (Hobson's Choice). Martin has also co-directed, with his wife Helen, many KT and Rural Root Theatre productions. Next season, they will co-direct for Kanata Theatre Peter Colley's newest play, Murder in Noirville.