The Kanata Theatre archive database was started by Peter Jefferson, who set up the system, researched all the "Mainstage" productions (that is, plays produced as part of a regular season) up to that point and entered the data into the database, and it was continued and expanded by Dewi Williams.

The archive now holds information on all mainstage productions since the start of Kanata Theatre in 1968, and also for many children's plays, many studio or workshop (training) productions, and many Mayfair (outdoor) productions: more will be added as data becomes available. The names of all actors, production staff, and back-stage people are included. However, at every performance there are front-of-house people, box office people, and refreshments people whose names have never been recorded.

At 2012-06-16, the archive has information on:

189 Seasons (mainstage) productions
41 productions for children
40 workshop (studio) productions
8 Mayfair or outdoor productions

giving a total of

281 productions, in total, since 1968, and
1282 people who participated in them.