This page shows all authors who have had at least one work produced by Kanata Theatre.

The letter after the name of a play indicates the type of production:

(S) - part of the regular Season

(C) - a Children's play

(W) - a Workshop or studio production

(M) - a Mayfair or other outdoor production

Cinderella (C) February, 1970
CKTP Radio & Kanata Theatre present (W) November, 1995
A Year with Frog and Toad December, 2011

Edward Albee

The Sandbox (W) April, 1975
A Delicate Balance (S) March, 1989
The Sandbox ( ) April, 1995
Three Tall Women (S) November, 1998

Richard Alfieri

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks (S) February, 2010

Jay Presson Allen

Forty Carats (S) October, 1979
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (S) January, 1996

Adapted for the Stage by Timothy Allen McDonald and Leslie Bricusse

Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka - Theatre Young Audiences (C) December, 2012

Robert Anderson

The Footsteps of Doves (W) June, 1972
I Never Sang For My Father (S) December, 1981


The Princess and the Pea (C) February, 1979

Jean Anouilh

The Waltz of the Toreadors - I (S) November, 1970
Ring Round The Moon (S) November, 1971
Antigone (S) March, 1976
The Waltz of the Toreadors - II (S) January, 1997

Jeffrey Archer

Beyond Reasonable Doubt (S) January, 1993

David Auburn

Proof (S) September, 2004

Alan Ayckbourn

How The Other Half Loves (S) May, 1979
Bedroom Farce (S) October, 1980
Round And Round The Garden (S) March, 1982
Living Together (S) May, 1985
Absent Friends (S) January, 1991
Chorus of Disapproval (S) October, 1991
Communicating Doors (S) January, 2001

Enid Bagnold

The Chalk Garden (S) October, 1976

Matthew Barber

Enchanted April (S) March, 2006

Philip Barry

The Philadelphia Story (S) October, 1981

Alan Bennett

Habeas Corpus (S) May, 1981

Maurice Berger

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (M) May, 1975

Eric Blau & Mort Shulman

Jaques Brel is Alive and Well .... (S) May, 2000

Alfred Bradley

The Tale of the Red Dragon (C) February, 1978

Winn Bray & Tom Doyle

Rumplestiltskin - A Rockin' Musical (C) December, 2002

Harold Brighthouse

Hobson's Choice (S) October, 1998

Joan Burrows

Staff Room (S) May, 2006

Elda Cadogan

Rise And Shine (W) April, 1969

Mark Camoletti

Happy Birthday (S) May, 1997

Josef and Karel Capek

The Life of the Insects (W) November, 1976

Fred Carmichael

Out of Sight ... Out of Murder (S) May, 2004

Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland (C) October, 1978

John Chapman

John Chapman & Dave Freeman

Key For Two (S) January, 1987

John Chapman & Michael Pertwee

Look, No Hans! (S) October, 1990

Mary Chase

Harvey (S) December, 1980
Harvey 2013 (S) March-April, 2013

Anton Chekhov

A Marriage Proposal (W) October, 1970
The Seagull (S) February, 2008

Anne Chislett

Quiet In The Land (S) March, 1988

Agatha Christie

The Mousetrap (S) October, 1972

Michael Christofer

Shadow Box (S) March, 1992

Peter Colley

You'll Get Used To It - The War Show (S) May, 2005
When the Reaper Calls (S) January, 2007

Michael Cooney

Cash On Delivery (S) March, 2011

Ray Cooney

Not Now Darling (S) October, 1977
It Runs in the Family (S) May, 1995
One for the Pot (S) October, 1995
Caught in the Net (S) March, 2005

Ray Cooney & John Chapman

Move Over Mrs. Markham (S) May, 1976
There Goes The Bride (S) January, 1985

Giles Cooper

Everything In The Garden (S) January, 1979

AnneMarie Copple

A Christmas Adventure (C) December, 1974

Bruce Coville

The Dragonslayers (C) December, 2005

Noel Coward

Present Laughter (S) May, 1970
Fumed Oak (W) October, 1970
Blithe Spirit (S) October, 1973
Hay Fever (S) October, 1983
Blithe Spirit (S) May, 2007
Private Lives (S) September 2012

Trevor Cowper

Relative Strangers (S) October, 1987

David S. Craig

Having Hope at Home (S) September, 2010

N.J. Crisp

Dangerous Obsession (S) March, 1999

Robertson Davies

The Voice of the People (S) November, 1969
Overlaid (W) December, 1972
Hunting Stuart (S) March, 1974

Denise Deegan

Daisy Pulls It Off (S) May, 1994

James DeVita

Through the Looking Glass (C) December, 2004

William Douglas-Home

Lloyd George Knew My Father (S) January, 1977

Anthony Drew & GeorgeStyles

Just So (C) December, 2008

Fay Ehlert

The Undercurrent (W) June, 1972

Bernard Farrell

Happy Birthday Dear Alice (S) November, 2006

Jean Feather

The Golden Goose (C) November, 1971
Snow White and Rose Red (C) November, 1973

Edna Ferber

Sun Dried (W) August, 2010

Georges Feydeau translated by David Ives

A Flea in Her Ear (S) May, 2013


Barbara Field

The Boxcar Children (C) December, 2009

Joseph Fields & Peter de Vries

The Tunnel Of Love (S) May, 1974

Timothy Findley

The Stillborn Lover (S) March, 2002

Stephen Flaherty & Lynn Ahrens

George C. Fosgate

The Reluctant Dragon (M) May, 1974

Norm Foster

Sinners (S) May, 1990
The Melville Boys (S) March, 1995
The Affections of May (S) March, 1997
Ethan Claymore (S) November, 2004
Drinking Alone (S) September, 2005
Here on the Flight Path (S) September, 2006
The Long Weekend (S) November, 2007
Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun (S) February, 2009
Jenny's House of Joy (S) February, 2011
Maggie's Getting Married (S) November, 2011

June Franklin

Take Away My Shadow (W) December, 1973

Michael Frayn

Noises Off (S) May, 1988
Noises Off (S) January, 2006

David French

Jitters (S) October, 1982
Of The Fields Lately (S) March, 1990

Brian Friel

Dancing at Lughnasa (S) February, 2005

Christopher Fry

A Phoenix Too Frequent (W) December, 1972

Zona Gale

The Neighbors (W) April, 1976

Gratien Gelinas

Bousille And The Just (S) March, 1981

Alice Gerstenberg

Fourteen (W) August, 2010

Jean Giraudoux

The Madwoman of Chaillot (S) May, 1999

Augustus Goetz and Ruth Goetz

The Heiress (S) September, 2007

Oliver Goldsmith

She Stoops To Conquer (S) October, 1985

Ed Graczyk

Come Back to the Five & Dime,.... (S) September, 1999

Warren Graves

The Death of Dracula (S) October, 1999

Rock and Roll (S) January, 2004

Simon Gray

Otherwise Engaged (S) January, 1983

Gayle Greenslade-Lalonde

The Inheritance (S) April, 2003

A.R. Gurney

Sylvia (S) September, 2000
The Snow Ball (S) May, 2003

Roger Hall

Conjugal Rites (S) October, 1997

Patrick Hamilton

Angel Street (S) March, 1977

Robert Harling

Steel Magnolias (S) January, 1994

Richard Harris & Leslie Darbon

Two And Two Make Sex (S) May, 1980

Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman

You Can't Take It With You - I (S) May, 1977
You Can't Take it With You -II (S) January, 2002

Jeffrey Hatcher

Scotland Road (S) April, 2009

Lezley Havard

Jill (S) May, 1982

Elliot Hayes

Homeward Bound (S) September, 2001

Michael Healey

The Drawer Boy (S) September, 2003

John Healy

Nero Fiddles (W) April, 1975

Marcy Heisler

Dear Edwina Junior (C) June, 2010

Beth Henley

Crimes of the Heart (S) October, 1989
The Miss Firecracker Contest (S) May, 1998

Geoff Holland

Punch and Judy 1972 (M) May, 1972
Punch and Judy 1973 (M) May, 1973
Punch & Judy (M) April, 1980

Henrik Ibsen

Hedda Gabler (S) January, 1975
A Doll's House (S) February, 1991

William Inge

Bus Stop (S) March, 2009

Philip Johnson

Heaven on Earth (S) November, 1969
Everlasting Flowers (W) October, 1970
From Five to Five-thirty (W) February, 1973

Tim Kelley

Hi, Ho, Robin Hood (C) December, 2006

Brett Kelly

Hansel & Gretel: A Christmas Story (C) December, 1997

Tim Kelly/Pam Hughes

Aladdin & his Wonderful Magical Lamp (C) December, 2003

Tim Kelly

The Uninvited (S) November, 2003

B.Keneford, D.Strong, G.Holland

Igor and the Time Machine (C) January, 1974

Jean Kerr

Lunch Hour (S) January, 1988

Joseph Kesselring

Arsenic And Old Lace (S) May, 1978

John Kirkpatrick

Lady Killers (W) April, 1969

KT Kids

CSI: Storyland (C) April, 2006
The Christmas Play (W) November, 2006

Harry Kurnitz

A Shot In The Dark (S) March, 1975

Carolyn Lane

The Wayward Clocks (C) October, 1972

Bob Larby

A Month of Sundays (S) October, 1996

Ira Levin

Deathtrap (S) March, 1983
Critics Choice (S) October, 1984

Howard Lindsay & Russel Crouse

Life With Father (S) May, 1975

Anna Lippman

The Babies ( ) April, 1995

David Lindsay-Abaire

Rabbit Hole ( S) February, 2013



Lend Me A Tenor (S) May, 1993
Moon Over Buffalo (S) January, 1999
Leading Ladies (S) September, 2008
Postmortem (S) March, 2010

Stephen Mallatratt

The Woman in Black (S) November, 1996

Steve Martin

The Underpants (S) May, 2010

Stephen Massicotte

Mary’s Wedding (S) November, 2012


Martin McDonagh

The Beauty Queen of Leenane (S) November, 2005

Beth McMaster

Which Witch is Which? (C) November, 1985
Happy Holly (C) December, 1999

Alan Melville

Dear Charles (S) October, 1974

Iven Menchell

The Cemetery Club (S) January, 1998

Arthur Miller

The Crucible (S) May, 1971

Madge Miller

Hansel and Gretel (C) February, 1975

A.A. Milne

The Ugly Duckling (W) January, 1972


Love's The Best Doctor (S) March, 1976

Robert Morely & Rosemary Sisson

Ghost on Tiptoe (S) May, 1986

Christopher Morley

Rehearsal (S) November, 1969

Vera Morris et al (see below)

The Jungle Book, The Musical (C) December, 2001

Gregory Murphy

The Countess (S) November, 2008

John Murrell

Waiting For The Parade (S) March, 1987

Jack Neary

To Forgive, Divine (S) November, 2000

Irving Gaynor Neiman

Murder Once Removed (S) March, 1978

Ruth Newton

Jack and the Giant (C) January, 1971
Cinderella (C) December, 1975
Jack and the Giant (C) February, 1976

Eric Nicol

The Clam Made a Face (M) May, 1977

Liam O'Brian

The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker (S) January, 1973

Clifford Odets

The Country Girl (S) March, 1980

Lawrence O'Farrell

Choice for the Future (C) November, 1984

Alex Ostrovsky

Diary Of A Scoundrel (S) March, 1979

Dorothy Parker

Here We Are (W) April, 1979

John Patrick

The Curious Savage (S) January, 2000

Joe Di Pietro

Over the River and Through the Woods (S) March, 2004

Arthur Wing Pinero

Dandy Dick (S) January, 1980

Sharon Pollock

Blood Relations (S) March, 1994

Robert Neil Porter

A Witch's First Birthday (C) January, 1972

J.B. Priestley

Dangerous Corner (S) February, 1984
When We Are Married (S) May, 1991

Jonathan Rand

Terence Rattigan

Separate Tables (S) March, 1973
Cause Celebre (S) March, 1985
A Bequest To The Nation (S) October, 1986

John Reeve

A Beach of Strangers (W) February, 1973

Dodi Robb & Pat Patterson

The Popcorn Man (C) January, 1980

Lawrence Roman

Alone Together (S) March, 1998

James Roose-Evans

84 Charing Cross Road (S) October, 1988

Paul Rudnick

I Hate Hamlet (S) February, 2003

Diane Samuels

Kindertransport (S) March, 2000

William Saroyan

Hello Out There (W) April, 1975

Anthony Shaffer

Whodunnit (S) May, 1987

Peter Shaffer

The Public Eye (M) May, 1974
The White Liars (S) May, 1984
Black Comedy (S) May, 1984

William Shakespeare

Twelfth Night (S) January, 1984
As You Like It (S) March, 1993
Much Ado About Nothing (S) November, 1997
A Midsummer Night's Dream (S) May, 2001
The Taming of the Shrew (S) November, 2010

George Bernard Shaw

Pygmalion (S) May, 1992
You Never Can Tell (S) October, 1993

Carol Shields

Departures & Arrivals (S) March, 2001

Neil Simon

Fools (S) January, 1992
Lost in Yonkers (S) October, 1994
Rumors (S) May, 2002

N.F. Simpson

A Resounding Tinkle (W) January, 1972

Bernard Slade

Romantic Comedy (S) May, 1983

Julian Slade & Dorothy Reynolds

Salad Days (W) November, 1974

Caroline Smith

The Kitchen Witches (S) September, 2009

Zelma Smith & Edith Rothrock

The Gallant Tailor or 7 at One Blow (C) December, 2007

Aaron Sorkin

A Few Good Men (S) May, 2011

Sam and Bella Spewak

My Three Angels (S) May, 1973

Joseph Stein

Enter Laughing (S) January, 1986

Shelagh Stephenson

An Experiment with an Air Pump (S) November, 2002

Martin Sterling

Framed! (S) March, 2008

Tom Stoppard

After Magritte (S) October, 1975
The Real Inspector Hound (S) October, 1975
Enter A Free Man (S) October, 1978
On the Razzle (S) January, 1989
The Real Thing (S) October, 1992

August Strindberg

The First Warning (W) April, 1976

Shaun Sutton

A Christmas Carol (S) January, 1978

Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna

Bea, Frank, Richie, and Joan (W) December, 1973

C.P. Taylor

And a Nightingale Sang (S) January, 1990

Edward Taylor

Murder by Misadventure (S) November, 2001

Edward Taylor & John Graham

Pardon Me, Prime Minister (S) May, 1989

Brandon Thomas

Charley's Aunt (S) February, 1986

Ernest Thompson

On Golden Pond (S) February, 1996

James Thurber

Many Moons (C) February, 1977


Moonchild (C) November, 1979

Rob Urbinati

West Moon Street (S) September, 2011

Peter Ustinov

Half Way Up The Tree (S) April, 1972
The Love Of Four Colonels (S) January, 1976

John Van Druten

I Remember Mama (S) February, 1972

William Van Zandt & Jane Milmore

Dale Wasserman

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (S) May, 2008

Wendy Wasserstein

The Heidi Chronicles (S) January, 1995

Brian Way

Pinocchio (C) March, 1974

Hugh Whitemore

Pack of Lies (S) February, 2012

Oscar Wilde

The Importance of Being Earnest - I (S) January, 1974
The Importance of Being Earnest - II (S) May, 1996

Thornton Wilder

Our Town (S) February, 1971
The Happy Journey (W) June, 1972
The Long Christmas Dinner (W) April, 1979

Catherine Ellis Wilkinson

Rumpelstiltskin (C) April, 1973

Emlyn Williams

The Corn Is Green (scenes) (W) April, 1976

Andrew Williams

Igor's Back (W) June, 2007
Anything But . . . (W) November, 2007
KYOS presents Romeo & Juliet (M) December, 2009

Tennessee Williams

Lord Byron's Love Letters (W) April, 1979
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (S) March, 2007

Andrew Wreggitt & Rebecca Shaw

The Wild Guys (S) September, 2002