Enter Laughing

by Joseph Stein

Performed January 1986
(January 15-18)
at the Earl of March Secondary School
(4 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Brooke Keneford


MR. FOREMAN Pat Carroll
DAVID KOLOWITZ Stewart Wheeler
MARVIN Mike Kearns
MISS B. Bonnie Curtin
PIKE Bob Knight
DON BAXTER John Acheson
MARLOWE Jim Holmes
ANGELA Dorothy Gardner
MOTHER Liane Freedman
FATHER Brian McCullough
WANDA Kristin Gauthier
WAITRESS Brenda Godin
ROGER Duffie Wilkinson
LAWYER Neil Robertson


Production Manager Dorothy Beak
Stage Manager Anne Holland
Assistant Stage Manager Chris Deeble
Stage Crew Geoff Holland
Barrie Kirk
Keith Raney
Set Design Ron Maslin
Set Construction Tony Francis
Anne Holland
Geoff Holland
Ron Maslin
Earl McLaughlin
Lighting Design Bob Horsey
Harm Rombeek
Sound Design Tony Beak
Peter Smith
Continuity Rosemary Keneford
Mary Mauger
Properties Elsie Bryant
Joan McLaughlin
Furnishings Dorothy Beak
Seamstress Dorothy Gardner
Pat Keneford
Mary Mauger
Wardrobe Jenefer Haynes
Margaret Jardine
Make-up Gwendy Tolley