Key For Two

by John Chapman & Dave Freeman

Performed January 1987
(January 14-17)
at the Earl of March Secondary School
(4 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Rosemary Keneford


GORDON                  Brooke Keneford
HARRIET Dorothy Gardner
ALEC Ted Mauger
ANNE Jenefer Haynes
RICHARD Geoff Holland
MAGDA Dorothy Beak
MILDRED Margaret Jardine


Production Manager Joan Ritchie
Stage Manager Anne Holland
Assistant Stage Manager Neil Robertson
Stage Crew Barrie Kirk
Earl McLaughlin
Jim Ritchie
Set Design Philip Copple
Set Construction Philip Copple
Gordon Marwood
Earl McLaughlin
Richard White
Lighting Design Dewi Williams
Lighting Assistant Richard White
Sound Design Eufron Williams
Continuity Ann Marwood
Gwendy Tolley
Properties Elsie Bryant
Joan McLaughlin
Furnishings Liane Freedman
Nona Robertson
Wardrobe Pat Keneford
Mary Mauger
Make-up Marie Hefferman
Rosemary Lawless