Lost in Yonkers

by Neil Simon

Performed October 1994
at the Earl of March Secondary School

Directed by Stewart Wheeler


JAY Christie Watson
ARTY Edwin Ulak
EDDIE John Chaffey
BELLA Barbara Kobolak
GRANDMA KURNITZ      Sally Hallowell-Carew
LOUIE James Russell
GERT Dorothy Gardner



Assistant Director Michelle Sissons
Production Manager Gwendy Tolley
Assistant Producer Rachel Trimmer
Stage Manager Michelle Sissons
Assistant Stage Manager Bev Brooks
Stage Crew Lucas Cornelisse
Jon Vacher
Set Design Janet Harris
Set Construction Bill Williams
Construction Assistant Doreen Boss
Lucas Cornelisse
Martin Firth
Alan Goodman
Yvonne Leduc
Fiona Lowrie
Earl McLaughlin
Dave Tucker
Jon Vacher
Lighting Design Paul Gardner
Lighting Assistant Shane O'Dell
Sound Design Alan Bowles
Brooke Keneford
Continuity Betty Francis
Carin Goodman
Properties Elsie Bryant
Joan McLaughlin
Furnishings Martha Johnstone
Rob Johnstone
Costumes Carin Goodman
Marilyn LaRose-Edwards
Ann Williams
Make-up Christine Hollands
Jacqueline Hourigan
Hair Styling Colette Fournier