Up Front and Centre Stage

by Andrew Willliams

Performed April 1996
at the RMP
(1 performance: a workshop or studio production)

Directed by Andrew Williams


Diane Crocker
Joy (Chamberlain) Forbes
Kristin Forbes
Betty Francis
Liane Freedman
Dorothy Gardner
Paul Gardner
Tracey Gardner-Doyle
Glen Hussey
Helene Hussey
Rob Johnstone
Brooke Keneford
Lionel King
Barrie Kirk
Gerald Lepage
Margaret Lepage
Janet Maslin
Susan Maslin
Calie McPhee
Rob Mitchell
Charlotte Pezaro
Jen Pezaro
Sally Pezaro
Chris Pilsworth
Gwendy Tolley
Karl Wagner
Wendy Wagner
Gordon Walt
Heather Walt
Mike White
Andrew Williams
Colin Williams
Dewi Williams
Joanna Woodhouse
THE DANCERS Hillary Boulay
Nancy Burns
Eleri Evans
Marie-Claude Fortin
Kim Gardner
Lesley Greene
Elaine Hedlich
Fern Mildenberger


Assistant Director Rob Johnstone
Production Manager Colin Williams
Stage Manager Gwendy Tolley
Assistant Stage Manager Carin Goodman
Stage Crew Dorothy Gardner
Paul Gardner
Tracey Gardner-Doyle
Calie McPhee
Wendy Wagner
Sandy Wynne
Set Design Joy (Chamberlain) Forbes
Paul Gardner
Set Construction Joy (Chamberlain) Forbes
Paul Gardner
Andrew Williams
Colin Williams
Lighting Mark Pezaro
Al Quirt
Karl Wagner
Sound Design Rob Mitchell
Make-up Jenefer Haynes
Jen Pezaro
Hair Styling Carol Walkey
House Manager Dewi Williams
Eufron Williams
House Staff Doreen Boss
Jacqueline Hourigan
Yvonne Leduc
Bridgit Madill
Brian McCullough
Sandra Quirt
Jim Ritchie
Joan Ritchie
Mary Wilson
Programme Wendy Wagner
Box Office Wendy Wagner

Up Front & Centre Stage would like to thank Kanata Ballet School for their original productions: "Mystere" - a modern piece choreographed by Leslie Jaeggin, and "The Playhouse Waltz" - a new ballet choreographed specially for this occasion by Marcia Caple.
Kanata Theatre and Kanata Ballet School have enjoyed a warm relationship over the past 25 years, and its students have donated in excess of $2,600 to the Ron Maslin Playhouse.