Therac 25

by Adam Pettle

Performed July 2002
(July 18, 19 and 20, 2002)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(3 performances: a workshop or studio production)

Directed by Jennifer Scrivens


MOIRA Shelley Jean Harrison
ALAN Edwin Ulak
THE TECHNICIAN Lucyanne Greenman


Executive Producer Wendy Wagner
Helen Weeden
Production Manager Jessica Neil
Stage Manager Andrew Ferguson
Assistant Stage Manager Kelly Fuoco
Graeme Hay
Stage Crew Tracey Gardner-Doyle
Set Design Marthe Bujold
Set Construction Martin Weeden
Construction Assistant Paul Gardner
Graeme Hay
Trevyn Watson
Helen Weeden
Set Painter Phil Brown
Jessica Neil
Nancy Rawson
Lighting Design Doug McMillan
Lighting Assistant Jason Holmes
Phil Rawson
Trevyn Watson
Sound Design Rik Côté
Sound Assistant Caroline Bond
Jean Toomey
Trevyn Watson
Properties Chantal Lord
James McRae
Furnishings Katie Betts
Jen Hethrington
Costumes Beth O'Donnell
Make-up Lucia D. McRae
Lyanne Quirt
House Manager Susan V. Phillips
Gerry Thompson
Ann Williams
Bill Williams
Refreshments coordinator Jane Maslin