Bus Stop

by William Inge

Performed March 2009
(March 17 - 28)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Rosemary Keneford


ELMA Clare Flockton
GRACE Christine Hollands
WILL Lee Powell
CHERIE Melissa McCallum
DR. LYMAN Chris Story
CARL Rob Johnstone
VIRGIL Brooke Keneford
BO Tim Mabey


Production Manager Joan Ritchie
Stage Manager Anne Holland
Assistant Stage Manager Dorothy Beak
Set Design Susan V. Phillips
Set Construction Tony Francis
Jim Holmes
Peter Jefferson
Earl McLaughlin
Bill Williams
Set Painter Jim Evans
Marguerite Evans
Set Decor Susan V. Phillips
Lighting Design Steven Truelove
Lighting Assistant Betty Francis
Geoff Williams
Sound Design Robert Fairbairn
Sound Assistant Tracey Nash
Continuity Gwen Knight
Gwendy Tolley
Ann Williams
Properties Gordon Walls
Properties Assistant Patrick Kay
Ashley Ritchie
Special Properties Paul Gardner
Costumes Saundra Eaves
Marilyn Valiquette
Make-up Bev Brooks
Make-Up Assistant Jennifer Fryer
Heather Sperry
Hair Styling Carol Walkey
Green Room Manager Jennifer Fryer
House Manager Jim Ritchie
Refreshments coordinator Jane Maslin
Adèle Vickers
Wendy Wagner  
Director's Note
Born on May 3, 1913, in Independence, Kansas, William Inge would attribute his understanding of human behaviour to growing up in a small town. I've often wondered how people raised in our great cities ever develop any knowledge of human