AUDITIONS for the 2015-2016 season

4000 Miles - Already Cast       Radium Girls - Already Cast      Mary Poppins - Already Cast      Cat's Cradle - Already Cast       The Odd Couple - Already Cast       Calendar Girls - Still to be Cast

Auditions for:Calendar Girls
by Tim Firth
Directed by Tania Carrière

Performance dates:   May 9 – 14 and 17 – 21, 2016

NB:  the roles of those playing the calendar girls are: Chris, Annie, Cora, Jessie, Celia and Ruth.  We will also be auditioning for Marie at the same time.


Sunday, February 14 from 2pm-5pm (calendar girls + Marie only)
Monday, February 15 from 7pm-10pm (calendar girls + Marie only) 
Tuesday, February 16 from 7pm-10pm (all other women & men & call back for Chris & Annie** Due to the winter storm, tonight's auditions have been cancelled. **
Thursday, February 18 from 7pm-10pm  (Men, Brenda Hulse, Lady C and Elaine, non-speaking calendar girls and those called back for Annie/Chris)
Sunday, February 21 from 7pm-10pm  (All call backs - invitation only)

Rehearsals:  starting Tuesday, Feb 23rd

Producer – Joan Patrick   

Calendar Girls (based on the movie of the same name) is a true story of a very ordinary group of women who spark an uproar with a very untraditional charity fundraiser to honour one of their husband’s fight with Leukemia. After a great deal of uncertainty, hand-wringing and cajoling, they ultimately drop everything for a good cause, their modesty spared only by artfully placed cakes, knitting and flower arrangements. The hilarity is a foil for this story’s exploration of our greatest vulnerabilities; ageing and loss, and is above all a story of courage, dignity, love and friendship.

Note: ages are suggestions only.  All roles, including the men, are wonderfully developed characters in this ensemble piece. Calendar Girls is quirky, poignant and hilarious. 

Chris, 50s,  Miss October – Outgoing, party person, centre of attention and a bit mischievous.

Annie, 50s, Miss February – A great pal of Chris, a bit more conservation but willing to go along with the fun. She has enough edge to be interesting, and enough salt not to be too sweet.

Cora, around 40, Miss July – College educated and eclectic, Cora is the joker in the pack, but never plays the fool. Her wit is deadpan. Cora plays the piano and sings. She doesn’t need to sing like a diva, but must be able to sing well enough to start the show.

Jessie, late 60s/70s, Miss January – Jessie can be your best friend or make your life miserable.  A lover of life, Jessie doesn’t bother with cosmetics.

Celia, age anything 35 – 50, Miss September – A woman more at home in a department store than a church hall, she always feels she has drifted in from another world – which she has.  There is a rebelliousness in Celia.

Ruth, 40’s, Miss November – Ruth’s journey is from the false self-confidence of the emotionally abused to the genuine self confidence of the woman happy in her own skin.  She is eager to please, but not a rag doll. She has spine.

Marie, 50’s – The WI is a trophy to her, which justifies her entire existence. There is a lingering part of Marie that would love to be on that calendar.

Lady Cravenshire, 60s – She really doesn’t mean to be so patronizing, but the WI girls seem from another world,  the world of her estate workers. She must always make an entrance.  She must glide like a galleon.

Elaine, 20’s -  Also doesn’t mean to be so patronizing – but is. A bit uptight.

Brenda Hulse, 30’s to 50’s – She is a very down to earth, broccoli growing, eco-friendly, woman. She is the ‘local and organic’ woman who would rather wear a layer of dirt than mascara.

John, Annie’s husband, 50s – John is a human sunflower. Not a saint. Not a hero. Just the kind of man you’d want in your car when crossing America. When he dies it feels like someone somewhere turned a light off.

Rod, Chris’s husband, 50s -  He can give back what he gets, and has a deadpan humour which has always made Chris laugh. He drinks a lot but never so much as to have a problem.

Lawrence, late 20s – Hesitant without being nerdy, Lawrence is a shy young man with enough wit to make a joke.

Liam, late 20s – Liam would like to be directing other things than photoshoots for washing powders. For Liam, this photoshoot is a job, and not the job he wanted.

Non-speaking roles:  We will also be casting several non-speaking roles to fill out the meetings of the Women’s Institute.


The following Play has been cast.

Auditions for:The Odd Couple
by Neil Simon
Directed by Jim Clarke and Ron Gardner

Performance dates:March 22-26 & March 29-April 2, 2016

Rehearsal Days, Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays, starting January 10th 2016

Felix Unger, the neat freak, has been kicked out of his house by his wife. Oscar Madison, the disorganized free spirit, is enjoying a bachelor’s life. Oscar feels sorry for his friend and reluctantly takes Felix in, but as their polar opposite personalities quickly clash and the arrangement becomes unmanageable, the friendship frays at the ends

Audition Dates: 5-6 Dec 2015 (Sat/Sun ) 1pm-4pm; Callbacks Wed 9 Dec 7pm-10pm

*** Email for copy of audition readings

Since its Broadway premiere in 1965, The Odd Couple has left millions of audience members rolling in the aisles with its hilarious clash of personalities!  When his wife kicks him out of the house, neat freak Felix Ungar is persuaded to move in with his poker playing, cigar smoking pal, Oscar Madison.  As the two bachelors spend more and more time in close quarters, Felix’s fastidiousness and Oscar’s boorishness lead to a conflict of epic and uproarious proportions!  Considered Neil Simon’s magnum opus, don’t miss out as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this legendary show.

Oscar Madison 
Aged late-30s to mid-50s ---Divorced and living on his own. He is pretty much a slob, untidy with little care for tending to his surroundings, which is a large and very nice 8 room apartment in the upper eighties of New York. He has relaxed into his environment. He hosts rowdy poker nights and is generous with his apartment and with his friends. 

Felix Ungar 
The opposite of Oscar: late-30s to mid-50s, Very fastidious, well dressed, loves to spend time in the kitchen and everything has to have its place and be in it. He is the kind of person who would run around cleaning ashtrays after each cigarette. Just plain fussy! He is also very emotional and seems to have a list of maladies: sinus problems, back problems, emotional problem, etc. (Many of which might be for attention.) Since he is having significant marital problems Oscar has invited him to live with him for awhile until he gets things sorted out. Their relationship is oil and water. 

Speed, Roy, Murray, Vinnie 
Oscar's poker buddies: mid 30s to early 60s. These are an assortment of "Character Types." They enjoy playing cards together, but you would never know it the way they rag at each other. It is just good friendly ribbing, teasing and jabbing each other. These poker nights are their nights away from the wives. 
Murray: An NYPD policeman, one of Oscar and Felix's poker buddies.
Speed: One of the poker buddies. Gruff and sarcastic, often picking on Vinnie and Murray. 
Vinnie: One of the poker buddies. Mild-mannered and henpecked, making him an easy target for Speed's verbal barbs.
Roy: One of the poker buddies. Oscar's accountant. Roy has a dry wit but is less acerbic than Speed.

Gwendolyn and Cecily Pigeon 
The Pigeon sisters-in their 30's-40s. British sisters living in Oscar's building. Oscar looks at them as potential dates for himself and Felix. Very sweet and accommodating and quick to laugh. The former is a divorcée, the latter a widow.

*Age on all characters is a bit flexible.

The following Play has been cast.

Auditions for:Cat's Cradle
by Leslie Sands
Directed by Susan Monaghan

Performance dates:February 2-6 & 9-3, 2016

Sunday, October 18 7-10 p.m.
Tuesday, October 20 7-10 p.m.
Call Backs:
Sunday October 25 7-10 p.m.
Tuesday October 27 7-10 p.m. (if needed)

Cat’s Cradle by Leslie Sands is a psychological thriller/mystery that takes place at The Cresswell Arms, an old “coaching house” (a combination small hotel and B&B) in the English village of Waverton Magna. The play will be set in the late ‘50’s, early 60’s. English accents will be required.

Male Roles

Female Roles

Producer Trina Malcolmson -
Director Susan Monaghan (after October 8) - ; 613-271-1777
Stage Manager Brian McCullough - 613-831-4932

The following Play has been cast.

Auditions for:Mary Poppins
A musical based on the stories of P.L. Travers and the Walt Disney Film
Original music and lyrics by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman
Book by Julian Fellowes
New songs and additional music and lyrics by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe
Co-created by Cameron Mackintosh
Directed by Sonia Francis 

Performance dates:December 27-30, 2015

Sept. 2 2015  time : 6 – 10 pm
Sept. 5 2015  time : 2 – 5 pm
Sept. 7 2015 time : 2 – 5 pm
Sept. 9 2015 time : 6 – 10 pm Call backs

Everyone's favourite practically perfect nanny takes the Ron Maslin stage in this Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious musical adventure. With familiar songs such as "Let's go fly a kite", "Feed the birds", “Step in time” and "A spoonful of sugar".  We follow the story of the Banks family as they encounter Mary Poppins and her loveable friend, Bert, along with a fantastical cast of characters, who enchant us all to believe that "Anything can happen if you let it" and teach us all the importance of valuing ourselves and each other. Using a combination of magic and common sense, Mary Poppins is an enchanting mixture of an irresistible story, unforgettable songs, and toe tapping dance numbers. It's sure to be a "Jolly Holiday" with Mary Poppins!

These are the female roles only - there is a huge variety of roles and opportunities for anyone wanting to be part of this musical production. All casting will incorporate singing and choreography. The ages stipulated are not absolute - this is a large ensemble piece and much of casting will be somewhat dependant on who is cast as the male counterpart.

30+ actors including the following main roles and a strong ensemble of smaller speaking roles and lots of opportunity for singing and dancing.  There are some roles for younger actors but most roles are for older teens and adults.

  1. Bert The narrator of the story, is a good friend to Mary Poppins. An everyman, Bert has many occupations, including sidewalk artist and chimney sweep. He has charm, speaks with a Cockney accent and is a song-and-dance man.
    Male, 30 - 39 yrs old 
    Range: B2 - F#4 
  2. MARY POPPINS   Jane and Michael Banks's new nanny.  She is practically perfect in every way and always means what she says. A mezzo soprano with strong top notes, she should be able to move well. She can have a more traditional soprano sound, but precision and diction is the key.
    Female, 20+ yrs old
    Range: Gb3 - C6  
  3. George Banks The father to Jane and Michael Banks, is a banker to the very fiber of his being. Demanding "precision and order" in his household, he is a pipe-and-slippers man who doesn't have much to do with his children. His emotional armor, however, conceals a sensitive soul. A baritone, George may speak-sing as necessary.
    Male, 40 - 50 yrs old 
    Range: Bb2 - Eb4
  4. WINIFRED BANKS George's wife and Jane and Michael's mother. A former actress, she is a loving and distracted. She suffers from the conflicting feelings that she's not up to the job of "being Mrs. Banks," yet, she is, and more. She has a great warmth and simplicity to her tone.       
    Female, 30+ yrs old
    Range: A3 - D5
  5. JANE BANKS The high-spirited daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Banks, is bright and precocious but can be wilful and inclined to snobbishness.
    Female, be able to portray stage age of an 11-13 year old
    Range: A3 - F#5
  6. Michael The cute and cheeky son of Mr. and Mrs. Banks. Excitable and naughty, he adores his father and tries to be like him. Both he and Jane misbehave in order to get the attention of their parents.
    Male, stage age of 7-9 years old 
    Range: A3 - E5
  7. Other great roles: Miss Lark (the haughty neighbour), Admiral Boom (the retired Navy man next door), Mrs. Brill (the overworked housekeeper), Robertson Ay (the lazy houseboy), the Bank Chairman (a stuffed shirt), the Bird Woman (the melancholy street woman), Mrs. Corry (owner of the gingerbread shop), Miss Andrew (George’s childhood nanny), and many, many more!

Adult Female Roles

MRS. BRILL The housekeeper and cook for the Banks family. Overworked and harassed, she's always complaining that the house is understaffed. Her intimidating exterior is a cover for the warmth underneath. Mrs. Brill doesn't have a high opinion of nannies in general and Mary Poppins in particular. She does not have to be a strong singer.        
Female, 30+yrs old 
Range: F#3 - D#5

MISS ANDREW George's overbearing and scary nanny. With her bottle of nasty-tasting brimstone and treacle to keep naughty children in line, she is a bully who only knows one way of doing things - her way. A soprano with an alto belt, there can be some heaviness to her voice along with the range.        
Female, 40-60 yrs old 
Range: Gb3 - F5

Roles that will include ENSEMBLE casting and doubling of roles: 
BIRD WOMAN Covered in a patchwork of old shawls, and her pockets are stuffed with bags of crumbs for the birds. She tries to sell her crumbs for the birds. She tries to sell her crumbs to passerby, who ignore her as if she doesn't exist. Sings "Feed the Birds." There can be a gruff, folksy quality to her voice that reflects the hardness of her life.        
Female, 30+ yrs old 
Range: Gb3 - C5 – 

MRS. CORRY Owns a magical gingerbread shop. She is a mysterious woman of great age who speaks with a Caribbean accent (or any accent that would make her seem exotic). 
KATIE NANNA Jane and Michael's nanny at the beginning of the show. Overwhelmed and upset, she has absolutely had her fill of the Banks children.        
Female, 20+ yrs old

MISS LARK The haughty next-door neighbor of the Banks family who treats her dog, Willoughby, as if he were her child.        
Female, 30+ yrs old – 

MISS SMYTHE The Bank Chairman's humorless secretary. 

ENSEMBLE Annie, Fannie, Valentine, Teddy Bear, Mr. Punch, Doll, Chimney Sweeps, Toys, Parkgoers

Rehearsal schedule:
Saturday September 12, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.: First read through and measure for costumes.
Rehearsals will be on a Saturday, Monday, Thursday schedule.
Please view the KT Member website for the full rehearsal schedule.

For further information or to be part of the production team, please call or email the Producer:
Ronald Gardner 613 878-7712


The following Play has been cast.

Auditions for:  Radium Girls
adapted by D.W. Gregory
Directed by Tom Kobolak

Performance dates:November 3-7 & 10-14, 2015

Auditions Dates 7 – 10 p.m. on Sunday June 21st and Monday June 22nd with call-backs on Thursday, June 25th

Rehearsals for the drama Radium Girls, by D.W. Gregory, will begin on August 23rd. 

Radium Girls tells the true story of the radium dialpainters of the 1920’s.  These women, often quite young, were employed to paint the numerals on watches and clocks with a paint which contained radium.  The watches and clocks thus glowed in the dark, and in an era of consumer spending and powerful advertising, became very popular.  The dialpainters themselves, however, were poisoning themselves by ingesting and breathing in a radioactive substance.  Upon learning of the culpability of the US Radium Corporation, a group of 5 women, all ill, decide to fight…

Among other themes, the play examines how the dialpainters, who only wanted to be part of the rapidly expanding and very exciting new world for women, found themselves stalked by a disease which no one understands and which no one wishes to recognize…

You can contact me, the play’s director, at or at 613-836-9583 or the show’s producer,Anna Lisa Bloom, at or at 613-271-4405.

The play requires 5 women and 5 men to play 37 parts.  Many of the parts are based on real individuals. 

Actors 1-5 are women; Actors 6-10 are men. 

Actor 1 is Grace Fryer, dialpainter – ages from teens to early 30’s

Actor 2 is Kathryn Schaub, dialpainter, and other parts including a man of about 40 – ages from teens to about 40

Actor 3 is Irene Rudolph, dialpainter, and Katherine Wiley, director of the NJ Consumer’s League and other parts, including a man of about 40 – ages from teens to about 40.

Actor 4 is Nancy Jane Harlan, tabloid reporter referred to as the Sob Sister; Anna Fryer (Grace’s mother); Alma MacNeil, dialpainting supervisor – ages from mid 20’s to about late 40’s. 

Actor 5 is Diane Roeder, wife of the company president; Marie Curie, famous scientist; and other parts, including a man of about 40 – ages from early 30’s to about 55

Actor 6 is Charlie (Clarence) Lee, company vice president; Cecil Drinker, Harvard Univ. researcher; William Bailey, inventor of Radithor; and other parts - ages from mid 30’s to mid 40’s

Actor 7 is Raymond Berry, lawyer for the Radium Girls; Harrison Martland, pathologist; Frederick Flynn, consultant for U.S. Radium; and other parts – ages from 30 to late 40’s

Actor 8 is Tom Kreider, Grace’s fiancee; Joseph Knef, dentist; Jack Youngwood, reporter for the Newark Ledger, and other parts – ages from mid 20’s to mid 40’s

Actor 9 is Sabin Von Sochocky, inventor of radium based paint and company founder; Edward Markley, company lawyer; and other parts, – ages from mid 30’s to mid 40’s   NOTE: Actor 9 briefly plays a 92 year old woman. 

Actor 10 is Arthur Roeder, President of U.S Radium – ages from mid 30’s to 65 

Join us. We look forward to working with you!

- Tom Kobolak

The following Play has been cast.

Auditions for:4000 Miles
by Amy Herzog
Directed by Sandy Wynne

Performance dates: September 15-19 & 22-26, 2015

Auditions Dates 7 – 10 p.m. on Sunday June 14th and Monday June 15th with call-backs on Wednesday June 17th.

Seeking Cast to go 4000 Miles
KT’s first production of next season goes up before the public between September 15 and September 26.  Rehearsals for the delightful 4000 Miles by Amy Herzog will begin in the second week of July.  As we have a need to cast a female actor who is of Asian descent, if you are aware of someone in the Ottawa area meeting that description please share her contact information with us.

This award-winning show and Time Magazine's "best play of the year" explores both growing up and growing old in its heart-warming tale.  With his backpack, bicycle, and stories of his life-changing cross-country cycling trip in tow, 21 year old Leo lands on the New York City doorstep of his 91 year old leftist grandmother, Vera.   Their month together as sometimes combative, yet always compassionate, intergenerational roommates is simply a wonderful mix of the funny, the moving and the revealing.  This insightful Pulitzer Prize finalist delves into the intimacies and complexities of adult relationships with families, friends and lovers.

You can contact me, the play’s director, at or at 613-599-1382 or the show’s producer at or at 613-482-1364.

Auditions are slated to run at the Ron Maslin Playhouse from 7 – 10 p.m. on Sunday June 14th and Monday June 15th with call-backs on Wednesday June 17th.  We are looking for actors to play these roles:
Leo Joseph-Connell -
to appear early to mid 20's; to appear to be in reasonably good physical condition (you’ve just cycled across the US)

Vera Joseph -
to appear 91; Leo's elderly-but-vital grandmother (make-up can work wonders in aging you)

Rebecca (Bec) -
to appear early to mid 20's; Leo's girlfriend

Amanda -
of Asian descent; to appear early to mid 20's; Leo's one-night stand; Chinese accent (‘training’ provided if necessary)

Join us. We look forward to working with you!

- Sandy Wynne