A program for the Youth of Kanata Theatre


The program originally started as a 10 week experiment in 2005, in which youth aged 7-12 were invited to attend weekly seminars on various aspects of Stage production.

The program was a hit with the kids, and culminated with an end of term production CSI: Storyland, where the Fantasyland CSI team finds themselves trying to determine just who is blowing up the houses of the three little pigs.

Since then the Kids have been putting on about two shows a year, including smaller "studio" productions staged in the rehearsal room of the Ron Maslin Playhouse
 [The Christmas Play Anything But...].

These kids are not just delegated to the back rooms however, and have seized every opportunity to "tread the boards" on the main stage. Whenever possible they will jump at the chance to assist in regular season with smaller roles [Cat on a Hot Tin Roof], or providing voice-overs [One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest].

In 2007 they passed a milestone by presenting the hour long, one-act Igor's Back, in which Professor B. Lowenfuse attempts to maintain order when his "Time Camera" malfunctions.

Not happy to let it rest there, they kicked it up a notch in 2008 and presented the triple threat production Disney's 101 Dalmatians:Kids, singing and dancing their way to a standing ovation.

Until recently the audiences for these productions has been limited to "friends and family". All this changed when, for the first time ever, the KTKids received permission to open their productions to the public. In 2009, they presented Honk! Jr. a musical retelling of the "Ugly Duckling" story.


NOTE: This program has limited enrollment and is only available to the children of active KT members. At this time it is NOT offered to the general public.