Liane Freedman

Directing Credits

1973: February 2 From Five to Five-thirty
1975: February 22 & 23 Hansel and Gretel
2001: Nov 21-24 & Nov 27-Dec 1 Murder by Misadventure
Co-Directing Credits
1984: May 9-12 The White Liars
1984: May 9-12 Black Comedy

Acting Credits

1972: December 1 Overlaid
1973: May 31, June 1, 2 My Three Angels
1973: December 15 Take Away My Shadow
1974: March 7, 8, 9 Hunting Stuart
1975: April 12 The Sandbox
1975: November 6, 7, 8 After Magritte
1976: February 21 & 22 Jack and the Giant
1976: April 24 The First Warning
1976: November 13 The Life of the Insects
1977: May 18-21 You Can't Take It With You - I
1979: January 10-13 Everything In The Garden
1979: February 10 & 11 The Princess and the Pea
1979: October 24-27 Forty Carats
1980: October 22-25 Bedroom Farce
1983: March 9-12 Deathtrap
1984: November 9-11 Choice for the Future
1985: January 1985 There Goes The Bride
1986: January 15-18 Enter Laughing
1986: October 1986 A Bequest To The Nation
1989: January 18-21 On the Razzle
1989: March 1989 A Delicate Balance
1991: October 1991 Chorus of Disapproval
1993: January 1993 Beyond Reasonable Doubt
1995: May 1995 It Runs in the Family
1996: April 1996 Up Front and Centre Stage
1998: January 1998 The Cemetery Club
1999: May 1999 The Madwoman of Chaillot
2000: Mar 22-25, Mar 28-Apr 1 Kindertransport
2003: November 11-15 and 18-22 The Uninvited
2011: Sept 20-24, Sep 27-Oct 1 West Moon Street

Production Credits

Production Manager How The Other Half Loves
84 Charing Cross Road
Set Painter Murder Once Removed
Continuity The Neighbors
The Dining Room
The Last Romance
Properties Cinderella
The Country Girl
Habeas Corpus
Charley's Aunt
Furnishings Lloyd George Knew My Father
Romantic Comedy
Living Together
Key For Two
The Importance of Being Earnest - II
Costumes Round And Round The Garden
Costumes Assistant A Midsummer Night's Dream
Seamstress Twelfth Night
Wardrobe Critics Choice
Make-up Diary Of A Scoundrel
Shadow Box
House Manager Dandy Dick
You'll Get Used To It - The War Show

From the program for West Moon Street:

LIANE FREEDMAN (Lady Clem) is delighted to be performing on her favourite stage again. Her last appearance was as Lizzie Flynn in The Uninvited in 2003. Prior to that, some of her favourite Kanata Theatre roles have occurred in The Cemetery Club, All in the Family, There Goes the Bride, Death Trap, A Delicate Balance and, Brighton Beach Memoirs with Nepean Little Theatre. Liane has enjoyed directing plays for both adults and children. She has made many wonderful memories since joining Kanata Theatre in 1972 with the talented people with whom she has worked and she is having a blast acting with these young talented artists. Liane cherishes the good friends she has made since those early days and she looks forward to seeing future talent on our stage.