Bob Lackey

Directing Credits

2000: Dec 3,9,10, 17(2), 31(2) The Haunted Castle

Acting Credits

1983: May 11-14 Romantic Comedy
1984: January 18-21 Twelfth Night
1986: May 7-11 Ghost on Tiptoe
1993: October 20-23 You Never Can Tell
1996: February 1996 On Golden Pond
1997: November 1997 Much Ado About Nothing
1998: October 7-10 & 14-17 Hobson's Choice
2000: May 24-27, May 30-June 3 Jaques Brel is Alive and Well ....
2001: May 23-26, May 29-June 2 A Midsummer Night's Dream
2006: May 23-27, May 30-June 3 Staff Room

From the program for Staff Room:

BOB LACKEY (Mr. Brownstone, Mac, Jack, Pete, Jim, Karl, Joe, Jerry, Mr. Slodovonik) Staff Room is Bobs ninth show with Kanata Theatre. His hiatus from the KT stage has been filled with other artistic endeavours. He has directed two productions and acted in another two for the Orpheus Musical Theatre Society. Recently, he returned to the Ottawa Little Theatre stage to act in their premier performance of Norm Fosters Maggies Getting Married. Thankfully, hes back on the Ron Maslin Playhouse stage in another first, hopefully making Ron smile from whatever special vantage point he might have. Bob thanks his family for their support so that he can be involved in yet another uniquely Canadian venture.