Rosemary Scott

Directing Credits

1972: January 15 A Resounding Tinkle
1972: June 6 The Footsteps of Doves
1975: December 13, 14 Cinderella
1978: February 18 & 19 The Tale of the Red Dragon
1979: April 28 Lord Byron's Love Letters
Co-Directing Credits
1971: January 16 & 17 Jack and the Giant

Acting Credits

1969: April 12 Lady Killers
1970: May 1, 2 Present Laughter
1970: October 24 Everlasting Flowers
1971: May 6, 7, 8 The Crucible
1972: November 2, 3, 4 The Mousetrap
1975: March 13, 14, 15 A Shot In The Dark
1975: April 12 The Sandbox
1976: April 24 The First Warning
1976: October 27-30 The Chalk Garden
1978: October 18-21 Enter A Free Man
1980: May 7-10 Two And Two Make Sex
1981: October 1981 The Philadelphia Story
1984: February 1984 Dangerous Corner

Production Credits

Assistant to the Director Ring Round The Moon
The Tunnel Of Love
Production Manager The Undercurrent
The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker
Igor and the Time Machine
The Neighbors
Stage Manager Heaven on Earth
Everything In The Garden
Dandy Dick
A Delicate Balance
Assistant Stage Manager The Waltz of the Toreadors - I
Salad Days
Stage Crew Charley's Aunt
Set Construction Half Way Up The Tree
Life With Father
The Real Inspector Hound
Jack and the Giant
Crimes of the Heart
When We Are Married
Set Painter Love's The Best Doctor
Angel Street
You Can't Take It With You - I
Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Set Decor Snow White and Rose Red
Lighting Design A Phoenix Too Frequent
Ghost on Tiptoe
Sound Design A Witch's First Birthday
The Importance of Being Earnest - I
Dear Charles
Hedda Gabler
Diary Of A Scoundrel
When We Are Married
Chorus of Disapproval
Continuity Blithe Spirit
Love's The Best Doctor
How The Other Half Loves
Properties Lloyd George Knew My Father
Quiet In The Land
Noises Off
84 Charing Cross Road
A Doll's House
Shadow Box
The Real Thing
Furnishings Lunch Hour
Costumes The Golden Goose
A Witch's First Birthday
My Three Angels
Costume Coordinator Snow White and Rose Red
Costumes Assistant The Love Of Four Colonels
Dresser Beyond Reasonable Doubt
House Manager Cinderella