The Real Inspector Hound

by Tom Stoppard

Performed October 1975
(November 6, 7, 8)
at the Earl of March Secondary School
(3 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Jim Holmes


MOON Maurice Dubras
BIRDBOOT Brooke Keneford
MRS. DRUDGE Anne Holland
SIMON Stephen Jones
FELICITY Rosemary Lawless
CYNTHIA Marg Anthony
MAGNUS Peter Jefferson
INSPECTOR HOUND                  Barrie Kirk


Production Manager Rosemary Keneford
Stage Manager Pat Carroll
Set Design Philip Copple
Set Construction Mary Mauger
Ted Mauger
Rosemary Scott
Bill Williams
Scenic Artist Philip Lawless
Lighting Design Harm Rombeek
Bill Williams
Sound Design Graeme Scott
Continuity Mary Mauger
Dewi Williams
Properties Elsie Bryant
Joan McLaughlin
Furnishings Marianne Wilkinson
Costumes Annmarie Copple
Pauline Perry
Make-up Pat Moore
Eufron Williams