by Jean Anouilh

Performed March 1976
(March 12, 11, 12, 13)
at the Earl of March Secondary School
(4 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Ron Maslin


ANTIGONE Diana Fajrajsl
ISMENE Rosemary Lawless
NURSE Marg Anthony
CREON Laurence Thornton
CHORUS Jim Holmes
HAEMON Murray Hayes
GUARD I John Gilliland
GUARD II Ted Mauger
GUARD III Bob Horsey
MESSENGER                 Brian McLaughlin
PAGE Derek Lawless


Production Manager Annmarie Copple
Stage Manager Stephen Jones
Stage Crew Philip Copple
Barry Eckhart
Jack Hayes
Bob Knight
Brian McLaughlin
Maureen Power
Ian Robertson
Chris Robinson
Bill Trumble
Bill Williams
Eufron Williams
Peter Williams
Set Design Ron Maslin
Set Construction Dewi Williams
Set Painter Annmarie Copple
Anne Holland
Stephen Jones
Mary Mauger
Joan McLaughlin
Brenda Robinson
Rosemary Scott
Lighting Design Bill Williams
Sound Design Peter Jefferson
Continuity Mary Mauger
Rosemary Scott
Properties Terry Carroll
Furnishings Pat Horsey
Costumes Mary Mauger
Costume Coordinator Eufron Williams
Seamstress Pat Horsey
Pauline Perry
Anne Rombeek
Ann Williams
Make-up Pat Moore
Sally Rose
Choreographer Marcia Caple
Julia Lamperd
House Manager Mary Holmes
The dates were changed to avoid Spring Break.