How The Other Half Loves

by Alan Ayckbourn

Performed May 1979
(May 9-12)
at the Earl of March Secondary School
(4 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Mike Farrell


FIONA FOSTER Brenda Robinson
TERRY PHILLIPS Rosemary Lawless
FRANK FOSTER Dewi Williams
BOB PHILLIPS Chris Robinson
MARY FEATHERSTONE Joy (Chamberlain) Forbes


Assistant Director Colin Williams
Production Manager Liane Freedman
Stage Manager Colin Williams
Assistant Stage Manager Bob Horsey
Set Design Bill Williams
Set Construction Bill Lewis
Ted Mauger
Dave Russell
Doug Strong
Set Painter Tony Clark
Anne Holland
Geoff Holland
Pat Horsey
Joan Ritchie
Lighting Design Tony Francis
Jim Holmes
Harm Rombeek
Sound Design Tony Beak
Brooke Keneford
Continuity Joyce McEown
Rosemary Scott
Properties Elsie Bryant
Georgie Drebot
Doris Lane
Joan McLaughlin
Furnishings Dorothy Beak
Rosemary Keneford
Costumes Helen Hunter
Linda Steel
Paula Wilkie
Make-up Annmarie Copple
Jenefer Haynes
House Manager Christine Clark
Betty Francis
Bar staff Jim Keneford