84 Charing Cross Road

by James Roose-Evans

Performed October 1988
(October 19-22)
at the Earl of March Secondary School
(4 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Dewi Williams & Eufron Williams


HELENE HANFF Gwendy Tolley
FRANK DOEL Barry Caiger
CECILY FARR Sally Hallowell-Carew
MEGAN WELLS Margaret Jardine
GEORGE MARTIN       Bill Williams
J. PEMBERTON Betty Francis
MAXINE STUART Tennyson Locherer
JOAN TODD Joanna Woodhouse
MATTHEW Steven Tolley


Production Manager Liane Freedman
Stage Manager Anne Holland
Assistant Stage Manager Neil Robertson
Set Design Paul Gardner
Set Construction Tania Carriere
Margrit Cattell
Cathy Edmonds
John Edmonds
Tony Francis
Geoff Holland
Jim Holmes
Gerry Lanigen
Jo Mitchelson
Tony Mitchelson
Peter Oakes
Keith Raney
Lighting Design Al Quirt
Duffie Wilkinson
Sound Design Brian McCullough
Continuity Eileen Morand
Patricia Vineberg
Properties Joan McLaughlin
Rosemary Scott
Furnishings Nedra Nash
Nona Robertson
Kathy Simpson
Wardrobe Doreen Boss
Ivy Hallowell-Carew
Rachel Trimmer
Ann Williams
Make-up Lynne Brooks
Jenefer Haynes
Helene Hussey
Heather Walt