And a Nightingale Sang

by C.P. Taylor

Performed January 1990
at the Earl of March Secondary School

Directed by Brooke Keneford


HELEN STOTT Jenefer Haynes
JOYCE STOTT Annmarie Copple
GEORGE Tony Mitchelson
PEGGY (MAM) Margaret Jardine
ANDIE Ron Maslin
ERIC Rob Johnstone
NORMAN Barry Caiger


Production Manager Jim Ritchie
Stage Manager Karen Beak
Brooke Keneford
Set Design Philip Copple
Set Construction Tony Francis
Paul Gardner
Earl McLaughlin
Lighting Design Al Quirt
Bill Williams
Sound Design Carol Allard
Barrie Kirk
Continuity Sally Hallowell-Carew
Anne Holland
Properties Doreen Boss
Judy Brown
Betty Francis
Furnishings Neil Robertson
Nona Robertson
Wardrobe Margrit Cattell
Lynn Johnstone
Pat Keneford
Ann Williams
Eufron Williams
Make-up Pat Andruski
Gwendy Tolley
Joanna Woodhouse