The Melville Boys

by Norm Foster

Performed March 1995
at the Earl of March Secondary School

Directed by Peter Jefferson


OWEN James Russell
LEE Stewart Wheeler
MARY Cheryl (Knight) Mitchell
LORETTA Laura Kyswaty


Production Manager Gwen Knight
Stage Manager Heather Moses
Tim Moses
Assistant Stage Manager Sally Hallowell-Carew
Stage Crew George K. Thompson
Set Construction Martin Haynes
Rob Johnstone
Construction Assistant Lucas Cornelisse
Paul Gardner
Sally Hallowell-Carew
Janet Harris
Edward Haynes
Jim Holmes
Peter Jefferson
Tom Kobolak
Yvonne Leduc
Earl McLaughlin
Joe Miksik
Rob Mitchell
Heather Moses
Jim Thompson
Bill Williams
Lighting Design Brooke Keneford
Sound Design Rob Mitchell
Composer Rob Mitchell
Continuity Caitlin Shea
Properties Beryl Hill
Charles Hill
Furnishings Rob Johnstone
Costumes Barb McLaughlin
Costumes Assistant Dora Gray
Make-up Michelle Sissons
Make-Up Assistant Anita Antonucci
Hair Styling Carol Walkey