On Golden Pond

by Ernest Thompson

Performed February 1996
at the Earl of March Secondary School

Directed by Annmarie Copple


NORMAN Brooke Keneford
ETHEL Gwen Knight
CHARLIE Bob Lackey
CHELSEA Jane McLaren
BILLY Jeffrey Robert Knight
BILL George K. Thompson


Production Manager Charles Hill
Stage Manager Gwendy Tolley
Assistant Stage Manager Carin Goodman
Anne Holland
Stage Crew Karl Wagner
Wendy Wagner
Andrew Williams
Colin Williams
Set Design Dorothy Shaw
Set Construction Kelly Brown
Geoff Holland
Peter Jefferson
Earl McLaughlin
Jen Pezaro
Mark Pezaro
Bill Williams
Lighting Design Paul Gardner
Alan Goodman
Sound Design Rob Mitchell
Composer Rob Mitchell
Continuity Bev Brooks
Teija Crebbin
Ann Williams
Properties Jane Chadsey
Joy (Chamberlain) Forbes
Barbara Kobolak
Marianne Wilkinson
Furnishings Erin Lowell
Ada Timmins
Costumes Bev Brooks
Cheryl (Knight) Mitchell
Margaret Robitaille
Make-up Dorothy Beak
Rosemary Keneford
Hair Styling Carol Walkey