Happy Birthday

by Mark Camoletti

Performed May 1997
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse

Directed by Glen Hussey


JACQUELINE            Jenefer Haynes
ROBERT Andrew Williams
BERNARD Jim Holmes
BRIGIT 1 Katie Betts
BRIGIT 2 Deborah Fawcett


Assistant to the Director Rosemary Keneford
Production Manager Mary Holmes
Stage Manager Joan Ritchie
Assistant Stage Manager Carin Goodman
Set Design Earl McLaughlin
Ben Tolley
Set Construction Paul Gardner
Earl McLaughlin
Ben Tolley
Karl Wagner
Martin Weeden
Bill Williams
Set Painter Margrit Cattell
Ron Hay
Mary Holmes
Rob Johnstone
Tom Kobolak
Yvonne Leduc
Calie McPhee
Duncan McTaggart
Al Quirt
Wendy Wagner
Lighting Jen Hethrington
Derek Noble
Al Quirt
Martin Weeden
Technical Advisor Paul Gardner
Sound Design Tony Clark
Brooke Keneford
Continuity Dorothy Beak
Yvonne Leduc
Rachel Trimmer
Helen Weeden
Properties Elsie Bryant
Joan McLaughlin
Furnishings Doreen Boss
Larraine Gorman
Dorothy Shaw
Heather Walt
Costumes Mary Holmes
Martha Johnstone
Dresser Jennifer Pedersen
Make-up Emma Moore
Jennifer Pedersen
House Manager Jim Ritchie
Refreshments coordinator Christine Lowrie
Ian Lowrie