Three Tall Women

by Edward Albee

Performed November 1998
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(8 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Tom Kobolak


A Susan Monaghan
B Marilyn LaRose-Edwards
C Erin Christy
YOUNG MAN Colin Williams


Assistant Director David Lavoie
Production Manager Anne Marie(Davies) Smith
Stage Manager Carol Hussey
Assistant Stage Manager Bob Carey
Karinn Smith (Tasia)
Set Design Greg Winklemaier
Set Construction Bob Carey
Kim Gardner
Greg Winklemaier
Lighting Design Calie McPhee
Lighting Assistant Katie Betts
Bob Carey
Yvonne Leduc
Greg Winklemaier
Sound Design Larraine Gorman
Composer Rob Mitchell
Video Crew Alan Goodman
Continuity Julie Clayton
Properties Nancy (Warner) Cormier
Furnishings Rob Johnstone
Costumes Laura Trach
Seamstress Brenda Parr
Laura Trach
Christine Walton
Make-up Shann McGrail
Michelle Sissons
Gwendy Tolley
Hair Styling Carol Walkey