Homeward Bound

by Elliot Hayes

Performed September 2001
(Sep 26-29 & Oct 2-6)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(9 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Bev Brooks


BONNIE                                      Gwen Knight
GLEN Peter Jefferson
NICK Paul Welch
NORRIS Cheryl (Knight) Mitchell
KEVIN Guy Buller
GUY Bernie Horton


Production Manager                  Helen Weeden
Stage Manager Katie Betts
Assistant Stage Manager Rohan Brooks
Anne Marie(Davies) Smith
Set Design Earl McLaughlin
Construction Assistant Bob Carey
Tony Francis
Doug McMillan
Eric Schmidt
Shawn Tavenier
Karl Wagner
Gordon Walls
Bill Williams
Greg Winklemaier
Set Painter Margrit Cattell
Jane Maslin
Set Decor Susan V. Phillips
Lighting Design Doug McMillan
Nancy (Warner) Cormier
Lighting Assistant Bob Carey
Richard Glover
Calie McPhee
Steven Truelove
Martin Weeden
Sound Design Robert Fairbairn
Al Quirt
Continuity Assistant Paul Behncke
Betty Francis
Jen Hethrington
Sandy Wynne
Tracy Zinck
Properties Erin Ryan
Andra Smith
Furnishings Gill Levy
Liz Pearson
Costumes Julie Clayton
Sheryne Lalonde
Make-Up Assistant Kelly Fuoco
Jenefer Haynes
Susan Trounce
Hair Styling Carol Walkey