The Inheritance

by Gayle Greenslade-Lalonde

Performed April 2003
(April 2-5 & 7-12)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Tom Kobolak


LINDA Larraine Gorman
SARAH Anne Crépault
RYAN Kevin L. Murphy
NAOMI Gwendy Tolley
MARTHA Shayna Ernhofer


Production Manager Sandra Quirt
Joan Ritchie
Stage Manager Julie Clayton
Assistant Stage Manager Karinn Smith (Tasia)
Set Design Susan V. Phillips
Set Construction Bill Williams
Construction Assistant Lino Dinardo
Tony Francis
Earl McLaughlin
Martin Weeden
Set Painter Collette Hughes
Susan V. Phillips
Gerry Thompson
Lighting Design Doug McMillan
Lighting Assistant Steven Truelove
Sound Design Gerry Thompson
Continuity Janet Alkan
Michèle Baddoo
Al Quirt
Erin Ryan
Properties Beth Attwell
Lucia D. McRae
Susan Monaghan
Furnishings Joan Ritchie
Costumes Diane Côté
Costumes Assistant Dorothy Gardner
Ann Williams
Dresser Stephanie Currie
Shelley Jean Harrison
Sandra Quirt
Make-up Beth Attwell
Betty Francis
Hair Styling Carol Walkey
Green Room Manager Anne Marie(Davies) Smith
Sandra Quirt
Joan Ritchie