by David Auburn

Performed September 2004
(Sep 21-25&28-30, Oct 1&2)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Sandy Wynne


ROBERT David Plouffe
CATHERINE Cheryl Zimmer
HAL Paul Arbour
CLAIRE Katie Betts


Production Manager Anne Marie(Davies) Smith
Stage Manager Gwendy Tolley
Assistant Stage Manager Michèle Baddoo
Christine Feldman
Set Design Ben Tolley
Set Construction Don MacNeil
Wilf Pilsworth
Ben Tolley
Bill Williams
Peter Williams
Derek Wilsher
Set Painter Kendrick Abell
Anne-Marie Frigon
Adell Hay
Graeme Hay
Carol Hussey
Wilf Pilsworth
Eric Schmidt
Ben Tolley
Steven Tolley
Derek Wilsher
Lighting Design Steven Truelove
Lighting Assistant Betty Francis
Doug McMillan
Sound Design Rob Mitchell
Sound Assistant Robert Fairbairn
Michael Heaney
Composer Rob Mitchell
Continuity Kathleen Arbour
Julie Clayton
Betty Francis
Anne-Marie Frigon
Properties Anne Marie(Davies) Smith
Properties Assistant Michèle Baddoo
Christine Feldman
Costumes Brenda Parr
Costumes Assistant Sarah St. John
Dresser Kathleen Arbour
Julie Clayton
Linda Culbert
Yvonne Leduc
Make-up Jen Hethrington
Make-Up Assistant Lisa Naumov
Jessica Neil
Hair Styling Carol Walkey
Wendy Wagner