Ethan Claymore

by Norm Foster

Performed November 2004
(November 16-20 and 23-27)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Brett Kelly


DOUGLAS Lino Dinardo
ETHAN Eric Schmidt
YOUNG MARTIN Alexander Johnstone
YOUNG ETHAN Branden Lalonde
TERESA Anne-Marie Frigon
MARTIN Rob Johnstone


Production Manager Gwen Knight
Sheryne Lalonde
Stage Manager Wendy Wagner
Assistant Stage Manager Tabitha Grove
Ann Williams
Set Design Betty Francis
Bill Williams
Set Construction Tony Francis
Earl McLaughlin
Bill Williams
Peter Williams
Set Painter Evelyn Abell
Kendrick Abell
Christine Feldman
Jim Holmes
Mary Holmes
Sheryne Lalonde
Derek Payne
Dorothy Shaw
Bill Williams
Set Decor Dorothy Shaw
Set Dressing Susan V. Phillips
Ben Tolley
Lighting Design Rik Côté
Betty Francis
Erin Ryan
Sound Design Robert Fairbairn
Composer Matthew Carly
Continuity Sheryne Lalonde
Kareen Lively
Gwendy Tolley
Properties Katie Betts
Kayla Mills
Shelagh Mills
Furnishings Brooke Keneford
Rosemary Keneford
Furnishings Assistant Peter Williams
Costumes Cheryl (Knight) Mitchell
Costumes Assistant Carrie Owen
Christine Walton
Dresser Kelly Fuoco
Shelley Jean Harrison
Gwen Knight
Sheryne Lalonde
Lisa Murray
Lisa Naumov
Gail Tessier
Make-up Bev Brooks
Make-Up Assistant Jen Hethrington
Hair Styling Carol Walkey
Green Room Manager Susan Monaghan
Wendy Wagner  
Joy to the World was sung by the cast of Through the Looking Glass