When the Reaper Calls

by Peter Colley

Performed January 2007
(Jan 30-Feb 3 & Feb 7-10)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Helen Weeden & Martin Weeden


VICTOR Gordon Walls
HARLAN Lee Powell
COLLEEN Nicola Day
DORA Lucie Roy
OFFICER MCGUIRE Dayna (Christy)MacDonald


Production Manager Larraine Gorman
Stage Manager Anne Mokros
Assistant Stage Manager Michèle Baddoo
Carol Hussey
Set Design Dan Lacroix
Set Construction Tony Francis
Geoff Holland
Shane Johnstone
Earl McLaughlin
Dorothy Shaw
Scenic Artist Dorothy Shaw
Set Painter Lynn Atkins
Michèle Baddoo
Anne Marie(Davies) Smith
Shane Johnstone
Dan Lacroix
Anne Mokros
Set Decor Susan V. Phillips
Lighting Design Betty Francis
Steven Truelove
Lighting Assistant Doug McMillan
Alex Truelove
Sound Design Gerry Thompson
Sound Assistant Ben Christy
Erin Ryan
Composer Janet Weeden
Special Effects Roy Ballantine
Ben Tolley
Continuity Anne Marie(Davies) Smith
Andrea Fajrajsl
Carolyn Johnstone
Sarah Mokros
Properties Roseanne Facchin
Diane McLaurin
Properties Assistant Carolyn Johnstone
Nedra Nash
Furnishings Halia Osadca
Costumes Jacquie Blair
Julie Clayton
Make-up Carrie Owen
Make-Up Assistant Bev Brooks
Nedra Nash
Hair Styling Carol Walkey
Green Room Manager Christine Walton
Nancy (Warner) Cormier
House Manager Shelagh Mills
Directors' Note:
We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the cast and crew in our first opportunity to direct a full season play for Kanata Theatre. We would like to leave you with some food for thought. The following words were written by Peter Colley