Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

by Tennessee Williams

Performed March 2007
(Mar 27-31, April 2-7)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Rosemary Keneford


MAGGIE Christine Hollands
BRICK Tim Mabey
DIXIE Kaitlin Williams
SISTER MAE Kerri Draper
GOOPER Chris Story
BIG MAMA Gwen Knight
SOOKEY Lisa Murray
BIG DADDY Brooke Keneford
REV. TOOKER Jim Ritchie
DR. BAUGH Robert Davidson
LACEY Joan Ritchie
BUSTER Daniel Williams
SONNY Ethan Hollands
TRIXIE Kaleigh Bourk-Wilson


Production Manager Joan Ritchie
Stage Manager Gwendy Tolley
Assistant Stage Manager Dorothy Beak
Jonny Geisler
Set Design Susan V. Phillips
Set Construction Peter Jefferson
Construction Assistant Tony Francis
Earl McLaughlin
Bill Williams
Set Painter Carolyn Johnstone
Shane Johnstone
Set Decor Susan V. Phillips
Set Dressing Poojah Dubey
Lighting Design Steven Truelove
Lighting Assistant Ursula Geisler
Doug McMillan
Sound Design Gerry Thompson
Sound Assistant Benny Geisler
Special Effects Ben Tolley
Continuity Sheryl Bell
Clare Flockton
Sheryne Lalonde
Heather Walt
Properties Birgit Geisler
Properties Assistant Nancy Baker
Katie Betts
Whynn Bosnich
Marilyn Valiquette
Furnishings Joan Ritchie
Costumes Margrit Cattell
Sam Halliday
Ann Williams
Make-up Tania Carriere
Make-Up Assistant Bev Brooks
Sarah Lavrisa
Hair Styling Carol Walkey
Green Room Manager Julie Clayton
Christine Walton
Roseanne Zacchin
House Manager Nedra Nash
Director's Note: Tennessee Williams' play is set in one room of a planatation mansion owned by Big Daddy Pollitt, in the 1950s. It is Big Daddy's 65th birthday and he does not know that he is dying of cancer. The rest of the family does know but Bi