The 2007-2008 - 39th season.

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The Heiress
by Ruth and Augustus Goetz
Directed by Eufron and Dewi Williams
September 18 to 29, 2007
In 1850's New York City an heiress, an only child, lives a sheltered life with her father in fashionable Washington Square. The arrival of a handsome and ambitious suitor changes the dynamics of family life and relationships are altered forever. The authors created this play from the classic Washington Square written by Henry James in 1880, thirty years after the events portrayed in the novel. "The Heiress" was a hit in the 2006 Shaw Festival.

The Long Weekend
by Norm Foster
Directed by Alain Chamsi
November 13 to 24
, 2007
The truth and lies of a friendship come to the surface when Roger and Abby go to visit Max and Wynn for a "pleasurable" couple of days at their new house in the country. There are plenty of surprises along the way in this biting comedy of manners. "The Long Weekend is blissfully old-fashioned, the kind of comedy that used to keep Broadway happy for years."..Gary Smith of The Hamilton Spectator.

The Seagull
by Anton Chekhov in a new version by Tom Stoppard
Directed by Jim Holmes
February 5 to 16, 2008
Kanata Theatre marks the 100th anniversary of the first production in English of the great Russian story teller’s first hit. A famous actress presides over a household consumed by desperate love, thirst for success, and fear of failure. The wanton killing of a seagull becomes a metaphor for events that follow and a symbol for the stage struck Nina whose inner strength is the key to her survival. Tom Stoppard’s translation captures all the humour and drama of the original text.

by Martin Sterling
Directed by Brett Kelly 
March 25 to April 5, 2008
Sam appears to be the perfect man. But a romantic trip to a remote Norfolk cottage gives Judy cause to doubt. Has Sam lied about his past? Was he once involved in a brutal murder? Or is it all in her imagination? A nerve-shredding thriller, a roller coaster ride of twists, turns and double-crosses where no-one is quite who they seem. 'Framed’ will keep you absorbed right up to the explosive finale. Expect the unexpected!

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
by Dale Wasserman
from the novel by Ken Kesey
Directed by Shelagh Mills
May 20- to 31, 2008
Kanata Theatre presents the stage version of Ken Kesey’s 1960's satiric novel. When R.P. McMurphy cons himself into a mental institution in order to escape prison life, he comes up against the iron will and supreme authority of Nurse Ratched, the ward superintendent. The novel, the play and the Oscar winning movie starring Jack Nicholson all feature an extraordinary combination of humor, sensitivity and tragedy making "Cuckoo’s Nest" a world wide perennial favourite.

And for the holiday season . . .

The Gallant Tailor or, Seven at One Blow
Music Adapted and Arranged by Zelma Smith.
Book and Lyrics by Edith Rothrock
Directed by Dorothy Shaw
Musical Director Margrit Cattell
Dec 27, 28 & 29, 2007
There once lived a tailor who was happy just sewing and singing. One day he took his swatter and killed seven flies with one mighty smack, and told all his friends he had killed seven at one blow. He forgot to tell them it was seven flies, so they thought he had killed seven bad men. This made him think he was very brave so he set out to find adventure and fortune.
A children's operetta, full of music, dance, love, and even some big ugly giants!

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