Leading Ladies

by Ken Ludwig

Performed September 2008
(Sept 16 - 27, 2008)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Peter Williams


MEG Kelly Fuoco
LEO Mark Linder
JACK Andrew Williams
AUDREY Sherry Thurig
DUNCAN Gordon Walls
FLORENCE Gwendy Tolley
DOC Bill Horsman
BUTCH Mark McPherson


Assistant to the Director Sarah Gatenby
Production Manager Dorothy Gardner
Stage Manager Julie Clayton
Assistant Stage Manager Birgit Geisler
Ursula Geisler
Stage Crew Bruce Ecroyd
Monique Ecroyd
Jonny Geisler
Gerry Thompson
Set Design Kim Gardner
Paul Gardner
Set Construction Paul Gardner
Construction Assistant Brian Dennehy
Tony Francis
Mark Linder
David Newing
Karl Wagner
Bill Williams
Dewi Williams
Geoff Williams
Peter Williams
Scenic Artist Ben Tolley
Set Painter Whynn Bosnich
Jemi Chen
Brian Dennehy
Tony Francis
Paul Gardner
Lighting Design Betty Francis
Steven Truelove
Lighting Assistant Karl Wagner
Sound Design Robert Fairbairn
Continuity Margrit Cattell
Larraine Gorman
Tracey Nash
Properties Birgit Geisler
Ursula Geisler
Costumes Eufron Williams
Costumes Assistant Saundra Eaves
Marilyn Valiquette
Dresser Michèle Baddoo
Katie Betts
Bev Brooks
Kathryn Clarke
Saundra Eaves
Clare Flockton
Joy (Chamberlain) Forbes
Tracey Nash
Ashley Ritchie
Andie Shields
Rebecca Shields
Marilyn Valiquette
Heather Walt
Ann Williams
Make-up Bev Brooks
Hair Styling Carol Walkey
Choreographer Kendrick Abell
Tracey Nash
Green Room Manager Birgit Geisler
Ursula Geisler
Green Room assistant Michèle Baddoo
Whynn Bosnich
House Manager Susan Monaghan
Refreshments coordinator Jane Maslin
Adèle Vickers
Wendy Wagner