Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun

by Norm Foster

Performed February 2009
(February 3 - 14)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Tom Kobolak


HOLLY Sarah Argue
ROBERT Dale MacEachern
CLAIRE Arlene Watson
SIMON Dwayne Aylward
DR. ANDREWS Gerry Thompson


Production Manager Michèle Baddoo
Stage Manager Julie Clayton
Assistant Stage Manager Sheryl Bell
Jacquie Blair
Set Design Jim Fritz
Set Construction Tony Francis
Jim Fritz
Earl McLaughlin
David Newing
Set Painter Michèle Baddoo
Brian Dennehy
Bruce Ecroyd
Monique Ecroyd
Jim Evans
Marguerite Evans
Set Decor Monique Ecroyd
Lighting Design Betty Francis
Steven Truelove
Lighting Assistant Tony Francis
Sound Design Martin Weeden
Sound Assistant Paul Behncke
Sean Behncke
Composer Larraine Gorman
Continuity Jim Evans
Marguerite Evans
Tracey Nash
Gwendy Tolley
Ann Williams
Properties Halia Osadca
Brittany Truelove
Steven Truelove
Furnishings Bruce Ecroyd
Monique Ecroyd
Jim Fritz
Costumes Diane Smith
Costumes Assistant Susan Cole
Sandy Wynne
Dresser Nedra Nash
Terry Turnbull
Helen Weeden
Make-up Bev Brooks
Make-Up Assistant Clare Flockton
Christine Hollands
Martha Johnstone
Green Room Manager Mark McPherson
Susan Monaghan
House Manager Christine Walton
Wendy Wagner  
Director's Note: Children possess a capacity for sheer, dumb courage that most adults lose when they gain a mortgage. As adults, we're more rational, articulate and much taller, but somehow our hearts are not as big anymore.
Kiss the Moon, Ki