A Year with Frog and Toad

Robert and Willie Reale

Performed December 2011
(Dec 27, 28, 29, 30, 2011)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(6 performances: a children's play)

Directed by Karen Boese
Music Director: Sonia Francis


FROG Jonathan Arnott
TOAD Lionel King
SNAIL Ron Gardner
MOTHER FROG Allison Houston
FATHER FROG James Hrkach
YOUNG FROG Paul Hrkach
BIRD Alexandra Boese
Cassy Nagy
Emily Tang
Jackie Kormylo
Abbey Flockton
LIZARD Spencer Kahler
Alex Henkelman
TURTLE Cassy Nagy
MOUSE Alexandra Boese
MOLE Karoline Page
Saylor Frost
Genna Sylvain
Jonathan Francis
David Francis
SQUIRREL Emma Clarke
Sean Behncke
Mark Bujaki


Creative Director James Hrkach
Production Manager Clare Flockton
Stage Manager Wendy Wagner
Assistant Stage Manager Margaret Jones
Brian McCullough
Set Design James Hrkach
Set Construction Brian Boese
Construction Assistant Karen Boese
Dean Flockton
Ron Francis
James Hrkach
John Synriaj
Andrew Williams
Set Painter Margrit Cattell
Kathryn Clarke
Elliott Flockton
David Francis
Jonathan Francis
Dorothy Shaw
Genna Sylvain
Andrew Williams
Lighting Design Karl Wagner
Lighting Assistant Ron Francis
Joan Patrick
Jared Wagner
Technical Advisor Robert Fairbairn
Sound Design Mike Bosnich
Joan Patrick
Slide show/video design James Hrkach
Properties Whynn Bosnich
Properties Assistant Nancy Baker
Karen Boese
Jim Clarke
Kathryn Clarke
Andrew Williams
Costume Coordinator Karen Boese
Seamstress Margrit Cattell
Kathryn Young Davies
Saundra Eaves
Sue Flockton
Liz Horn
Allison Houston
Cyndy Huyer
Denise Shannon
Jean Sheppard
Mary Lou Spaull
Donalda Stevens
Helen Weeden
Eufron Williams
Dresser Melissa Nagy
Jean Sheppard
Lorraine Thomas
Make-up Shelley Jean Harrison
Make-Up Assistant Clare Flockton
Ashley Holliday
Hair Styling Elizabeth Carrie
Green Room Manager Johnna Thompson
Karen Tremblay
Publicity Susan V. Phillips
House Manager Betty Francis
Programme Wendy Wagner
Box Office Jacquie Blair
Book and Lyrics by Willie Reale: Music by Robert Reale.
Based on the books by Arnold Lobel.