Friends, with Benefits

Kate Horzempa & L.E. Hines

Performed March 2012
(March 27-31 & April 3-7)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Brett Kelly


AVA Shelley Jean Harrison
LILY Jenny Brooks
BEN Geoff Williams
KYLE Derek Barr
MELODY Jillian Drummond
MATTHEW Lee Powell
LYDIA Judy Beltzner
FAYE Jennifer Walker
PIERRE Ian Quick


Production Manager Suzanne McAllister
Assistant Producer Christine Hollands
Stage Manager Carol Hussey
Assistant Stage Manager Patrick Kay
Sandra Quirt
Stage Consultant Susan V. Phillips
Set Design Jim Holmes
Set Construction Romauld Frigon
Construction Assistant Tony Francis
Jim Holmes
Earl McLaughlin
Set Painter Romauld Frigon
Jim Holmes
Carolyn Johnstone
Barbara Kobolak
Susan V. Phillips
Set Decor Melanie Anderson
Jim Holmes
Susan V. Phillips
Lighting Design Ron Francis
Lighting Assistant Al Quirt
Karl Wagner
Peter Williams
Sound Design Joan Patrick
Sound Assistant Dave Anderson
Robert Fairbairn
Continuity Barbara Kobolak
Julia Lamperd
Halia Osadca
Properties Nihan Kavaslav
Lorraine Thomas
Furnishings Melanie Anderson
Jim Holmes
Carol Hussey
Nihan Kavaslav
Susan V. Phillips
Costumes Carolyn Gerbac
Costumes Assistant Joyce Gaudet
Dresser Betty Francis
Joyce Gaudet
Carolyn Gerbac
Barbara Kobolak
Darlene Milligan
Halia Osadca
Dorothy Shaw
Make-up Christine Hollands
Make-Up Assistant Bev Brooks
Andrea Fajrajsl
Clare Flockton
Shannon Hully
Martha Johnstone
Green Room Manager Suzanne McAllister
Green Room assistant Anne-Marie(Frigon) Kelly
Darlene Milligan
Halia Osadca
Publicity Susan V. Phillips
House Manager Ashley Ritchie
Refreshments coordinator Linda DeGuire
Lynda DeGuire
Programme Wendy Wagner
Box Office Eufron Williams
Produced by special arrangement with Kate Horzempa and L.E.Hines.