Rabbit Hole

David Linsday-Abaire

Performed February 2013
(February 5-9 & 12-16)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Brooke Keneford


BECCA Christine Hollands
IZZY Susan Nugent
HOWIE Tim Mabey
NAT Rosemary Keneford
JASON Jordan Campbell
VOICE OF DANNY Anne Flockton


Production Manager Dorothy Beak
Stage Manager Steven Truelove
Assistant Stage Manager Dave Anderson
Set Design Susan V. Phillips
Set Construction Gordon Walt
Construction Assistant Barry Caiger
Barry Fortey
Tony Francis
Martin Haynes
Jim Holmes
Brooke Keneford
Mark Stalter
Richard Thibodeau
Set Painter Susan V. Phillips
Lighting Design Zach Andruchow
Lighting Assistant Alan Bauld
Sound Design Gerry Thompson
Sound Assistant Alex Truelove
Continuity Paul Behncke
Tania Carriere
Lynda DeGuire
Heather Walt
Sandy Wynne
Set Painting Assistant Barbara Kobolak
Sylvia Ralphs-Thibodeau
Richard Thibodeau
Dave Thome
Sue Thome
Ann Williams
Sandy Wynne
Properties Margaret Jones
Jennifer Ljungstrom
Properties Assistant Patrick Kay
Jean Shepherd
Debbie Wright
Set Décor & Furnishings Susan V. Phillips
Set Décor & Furnishings Assistant Liz Pearson
Sue Thome
Costumes Kathryn Clarke
Marilyn Valiquette
Dresser Bev Brooks
Jenefer Haynes
Gwendy Tolley
Make-up Bev Brooks
Tania Carriere
Lynda DeGuire
Martha Johnstone
Sandy Wynne
Hair Styling Carol Walkey
Green Room Manager Ann Williams
Green Room assistant Jenefer Haynes
Susan V. Phillips
Publicity Susan V. Phillips
House Manager Ashley Ritchie
Gabrielle Savoy
Refreshments coordinator Nancy Baker
Whynn Bosnich
Programme Wendy Wagner
Box Office Gordon Marwood


Rabbit Hole is a masterful portrait of grief and how people grieve in different ways. In an earlier time, it might have been characterized as "kitchen-sink" drama for its brutal honesty. Certainly, it is a departure for David Lindsay-Abaire from his somewhat whimsical and grotesque earlier works such as Fuddy Meers and Kimberly Akimbo. Of course, the title Rabbit Hole may seem curious as it conjures up allusions to Alice In Wonderland, wherein Alice falls down the rabbit hole and enters a parallel universe. But it makes sense when we see that Becca finds comfort in imagining the possibility that versions of her and Danny still exist in some parallel universe and in a happier time before the accident which tore them apart.