Perfect Wedding

by Robin Hawdon

Performed February 2014
(February 4 - 15, 2014)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by
Geoffrey Williams


Rachel Rachel Davies
BillStuart Benson
Daphne Tracy Trottier
Judy Jennie Leaver
Tom Sam McCarthy
Julie Tara Sisson


Production Manager Ronald Gardner
Stage Manager Peter Williams
Assistant Stage Managers Margaret Jones
Brian McCullough
Set Design Jim Clarke
Construction Foreman Ronald Gardner
assisted by Kendrick Abell
Paul J. Carriere
Jim Clarke
Barry Fortey
Rom Frigon
Sasha P. Gardner
Jim Holmes
Alan Quirt
Mark Stalter
Set Painting Jim Clarke
Ronald Gardner
Sasha P. Gardner
Ian Glen
Marlayne Glen
Ilona Henkelman
Barbara Kobolak
Ted McEwen
Set Décor Sonia Francis
Lighting Design Alan Quirt
assisted by Roy Ballantine
Ron Francis
Cameron MacDonald
Sound Design Tom Kobolak
assisted by Kendrick Abell
Sound Advisor Rob Fairbairn
Costume Designer Meghan Lavigne
assisted by Darlene Milligan
Jane Sicotte
Marilyn Valiquette
Dressers Darlene Milligan
Jane Sicotte
Properties Michèle Baddoo
Continuity Dave Anderson
assisted by Beverley Brooks
Julie Clayton
Darlene Milligan
Make-up & Hair Beverley Brooks
assisted by Lynda DeGuire
Green Room Sandra Quirt
assisted by Halia Osadca
Paul Behncke
Wendy Wagner
Box Office
Gordon Marwood
Barbara Kobolak
House Manager Ronald Gardner

Director’s note

There are many challenges to being a director, the biggest one being training oneself not to micromanage and to let the creative teams work their magic. While it is my job to coach the actors and bring life to their characters, it is equally the part of all the players behind the scenes to bring life to the show itself. I am so thankful for the volunteers who have come together to be a part of this production and the tremendous amounts of work they have put in, and happy that some have gone lengths to try new roles and learn new things. This show is an example of what a handful of volunteers can pull together and a genuine pride in the work they have accomplished.