Murder in Noirville

by Peter Colley

Performed March 2014
(March 25 - April 5, 2014)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by
Helen and Martin Weeden


Joe AdamantePeter Veale
Evelyn McAllisterErin Ryan
Mayor WentworthHarold Swaffield
Marcus Bassano Ron Gardner
Alex Gardner Cathy Dowsett
Dante Bassano Ian Glen


Production Manager Joan Patrick
Stage Manager Anne Marie Smith
Assistant Stage Managers Sheryl Bell
Trina Malcolmson
Set Design Romuald Frigon
Set Design Consultant Dorothy Shaw
Construction Foreman Romuald Frigon
assisted by Barry Caiger
Paul Carriere
Barry Fortey
Ronald R.D. Gardner
Jim Holmes
Earl McLaughlin
Mark Stalter
Set Painting Coordinator Sandy Wynne
assisted by Paul Behncke
Karen Germundson
Shelley-Jean Harrison
Bill Horsman
Barbara Kobolak
Lucille Lacelle
Scenic Art Dorothy Shaw
Sandy Wynne
Special Set Pieces Ronald R.D. Gardner
Set Décor Dorothy Shaw
Helen Weeden
Sandy Wynne
Lighting Design Roy Ballantine
assisted by Ron Francis
Cameron MacDonald
Video Design Justin Ladelpha
Sound Design Rob Fairbairn
assisted by Chrissy Hollands
Weapons Wench Tracey Nash
Costume Designer Helen Weeden
assisted by Jackie Frigon
Marilyn Valiquette
Dressers Diane Côté
Emilie Côté
Julie Clayton
Lucille Lacelle
Properties Michèle Baddoo
assisted by Sheila Horton
Margaret Jones
Patrick Kay
Continuity Beverley Brooks
Margrit Cattell
Larraine Gorman
Julia Lamperd
Make-up Beverley Brooks
assisted by Ilona Henkelman
Martha Johnstone
Hair Carol Walkey
Green Room Shelley-Jean Harrison
Halia Osadca
Christine Walton
Paul Behncke
Wendy Wagner
Box Office
Gordon Marwood
Barbara Kobolak
House Manager Susan Monaghan
assisted by Jim Ritchie
Joan Ritchie

Director’s note

Peter Colley wrote Murder in Noirville in 2008 for Vertigo Theatre in Calgary. The play is a homage to Hollywood’s classic hardboiled film noir of the 1940s and 1950s - the tough gumshoe, the dangerous blonde, the trigger-happy gangster. Kanata Theatre has also produced Peter Colley’s You’ll Get Used To It! – The War Show and When The Reaper Calls. We are honoured to present the third production of Murder in Noirville in Canada.

The film noir genre evolved during the late thirties and through the forties with its themes of male isolation and weakness, of female treachery, and accompanied by a darkening visual style and content. These themes have reappeared and continued to evolve in many films.

Now, let us visit a small town with a big secret where a burned-out city cop takes on the job as Sheriff - only to find more danger than he ever faced on the mean streets of the big city. As the sun sets over the town, its pretty sunlit world turns into a place of darkness, deception and decadence, where nothing is quite what it seems … (cue the dramatic music!).

Please note: during our presentation, feel free to enjoy a laugh — if you dare — at the noir stereotypes, the melodrama, the tough-talk and the many turns of the twisted plot.