The Lion in Winter

by James Goldman

Performed Mar 2015
(March 24 - 28 & March 31 - April 4, 2015)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Jim Holmes


HENRY Dale MacEachern
ELEANORKim Strauss
ALAISEmily Walsh
RICHARD Marko Pilic
GEOFFREY Shane Bouchard
JOHN Carl Cachero
PHILIP James Renaud
House Servant to Henry Patrick Kay
House Servant to Henry Harold Swaffield


Director Jim Holmes
Production Manager Joan Patrick
Stage Manager Anne-Marie Smith
Assistant Stage Managers Sheryl Bell
Michele Baddoo
Set Design Jim Holmes
Jim Clarke
Les Horn
Set Construction Chief Jim Clarke
Set Construction Don Bell
Dean Flockton
Ron Gardner
Jim Holmes
Les Horn
Jim McILquham
Dave Thorne
Steward Zeyl
Set Painting Co-ordinator Karen Germundson
Set PaintingJim Clarke
Deanne Donohue
Dean Flockton
Greg Hogan
Mary Holmes
Steward Zeyl
Lighting Designer Cameron Macdonald
Lighting Assistants Ron Francis
Vanessa Johnston
Iain McCracken
Torin Zaugg
Sound Designer Martin Weeden
Sound Assistants Mike Bosnich
Samuel Jones
Special Music Margrit Cattell
Costume Designer Kathryn Clarke
Costume Assistants Emma Clarke
Saundra Eaves
Sue Flockton
Mary Holmes
Julia Lamperd
Brenda Parr
Liz Pearson
Sue Thorne
Marilyn Valiquette
Helen Weeden
Properties Nihan Kavaslar
Susan Sinchak
Crowns Marjorie Shaver-Jones
Tapestries Adell Hay
Weapons Tracey Nash
Dressers Bev Brooks
Julie Clayton
Julia Lamperd
Kathleen Walsh
ContinuityBev Brooks
Margrit Cattell
Lynda DeGuire
Catriona Malcolmson
Kathleen Walsh
Hair Design Carol Walkey
Make-up Martha Johnstone
Bev Brooks
Shelley-Jean Harrison
Sandy Wynne
Green Room Terry Leonard
Green Room AssistantsShelley-Jean Harrison
Christine Walton
Helen Weeden
Ann Williams
Refreshments/Servery Barbara Kobolak
House Manager Don Lillico
Publicity Paul Behncke
Katie Betts
Chrissy Feldman
Emily Walsh


THE LION IN WINTER by James Goldman

The play is about more than historical events. The seven characters are passionate figures in a family struggling with the issues of rivalry, adolescence, jealousy, control, and disaffection. They hold the destiny of Europe in their hands, and so they are torn always between their private roles and their public ones, between the imperatives of power and the demands of family. Above all they vacillate between love and hate, never quite knowing which is which and sometimes mistaking the one for the other.

Fortunately the playwright has endowed his characters with intelligence, a gift for language and a keen wit. There is nothing for an audience to do but to sit back and enjoy the ride. There may never be such a family again.

The playwright was American, and the play was first produced in New York in 1966.
~ Jim Holmes, Director