The Odd Couple

by Neil Simon

Performed March 2016
(March 22-26 & March 29-April 2, 2016)
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Jim Clarke and Ron Gardner


Oscar Madison Bernie Horton
Felix Ungar Stavros Sakiadis
Gwendolyn Pigeon Liz Szucs
Cecily Pigeon Amy Osborne
Speed Ron Miller
Murray Ivo Mokros
Roy Bruce Rayfuse
Vinnie Ric O'Dell


Production Manager Catriona Malcolmson
assisted by Shelley-Jean Harrison
Stage Manager Steve Truelove
Assistant Stage Managers Heidi Roberts
Kathleen Walsh
Set Design Jim Clarke
Ron Gardner
Construction Coordinator Dean Flockton
assisted by Chad Cluely
Paul Gardner
Mike Giovinazzo
James Renaud
Heidi Roberts
Martin Weeden
Stewart Zeyl
Set Painting Maria Cook
assisted by Kathryn Clarke
Karen Germundson
Barbara Kobolak
Carmal Mayer
Hilary Philebrown
Sheila Trivisonno
Set D├ęcor & Furnishings Sonia Francis
Jennifer Ljungstrom
Heidi Roberts
Costume Designer Kathryn Clarke
assisted by Kathleen Walsh
Dressers Kathryn Clarke
Theresa Williams
Sound Design Mike Bosnich
assisted by Kendrick Abell
Lighting Design Evan Nearing
assisted by Karl Wagner
Properties Nihan Kavaslav
assisted by Deb Anderson
Julie Clayton
Ashley McBeath
Darlene Milligan
Susan Sinchak
Patti Vopni
Continuity Shelley-Jean Harrison
assisted by Anna Lisa Bloom
Margrit Cattell
Carol Everitt
Nancy Levesque
Make-up Bev Brooks
assisted by Jean Amyot
Maggie Hart
Martha Johnstone
Carmal Mayer
Hilary Philebrown
Susan Nugent
Hairstylist Carol Walkey
Green Room Terry Leonard
assisted by Julie Clayton
Lorraine McInnis
Publicity Susan Sinchak
assisted by Katie Buller
Chrissy Feldman
Emily Walsh
Programme Wendy Wagner
Box Office Gordon Marwood
Refreshments Barbara Kobolak
House Manager Tom Kobolak