by Bill Cain

Performed November 2016
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Alain Chamsi


Sharpe/Others James Renaud
Shagspeare Bruce Rayfuse
Nate/Robert Cecil Gordon Walls
Armin/Others Solly Balbaa
Richard/Garnet Ian Stauffer
Judith Amy Osborne


Production Manager Susan Sinchak
Assistant Director Greg Winklemaier
Stage Manager Wendy Wagner
Assistant Stage Managers Tracey Nash
Greg Winklemaier
Set Design Karl Wagner
assisted by Alex Henkelman
Construction Coordinator Alex Henkelman
assisted by Don Bell
Jim Clarke
Bruce Cunningham
Tim Fitzgerald
Dean Flockton
Heidi Roberts
Steve Roberts
Mark Stalter
Set Painting Alex Henkelman
assisted by Luc Cronier
Bruce Cunningham
Debbie Cunningham
Ilona Henkelman
Hilary Philebrown
Heidi Roberts
Set D├ęcor & Furnishings Melanie Anderson
Costume Designer Maxine Ball
assisted by Heidi Roberts
Marilyn Valiquette
Dresser Miriam Fitzgerald
Ashley Greenslade-Mckay
Wendy McKittrick
Kathleen Walsh
Sound Design Mike Bosnich
assisted by Neihls Jacobson
Wayne Murray
Lighting Design Karl Wagner
assisted by Iain McCracken
Weapons Wench Tracey Nash
Fight Choreographer Shane Bouchard
Properties Susan Sinchak
assisted by David Humphries
Patti Vopni
Sandy Wynne
Continuity Andrea Fajrajsl
assisted by Tania Carriere
Corinne Garcia
Ilona Henkelman
Ann Williams
Make-up Beverley Brooks
assisted by Tania Carriere
Martha Johnstone
Hairstylist Carol Walkey
Green Room Ashley McBeath
assisted by Lorraine McInnis
Publicity Susan Sinchak
assisted by Chrissy Feldman
Susan Mongahan>
Emily Walsh
Marquee Signs Paul Behncke
Sean Behncke
Programme Wendy Wagner
Box Office Gordon Marwood
Refreshments Barbara Kobolak
House Manager Don Lillico