by Leanna Brodie

Performed February 2017
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Joy Forbes


Miss Melita Linton

Reba Sigler

Ewart Rokosh Zachary Chabot
Beryl Baptie/The Girl Sarah Fullerton
Dwight Varnum Simon Lindsay-Stodart
Effa Baptie Olivia Case
Flossie Needler Laila Burns
Milton Coyle Jonas Blackburn
Russell Yellowlees Alex Henkelman
Mr. Callum Yellowlees Marko Pilic
Vern Yellowlees Khalil Burns
Mr. Clinton Cochrane/Mr. Lionel Varnum Shawn Thorpe
Mr. Boyd Lebeau/The Father/Me Ewan Coyte Jamie Fullerton
Colonel Tom Burnett Ramsey McDonald
Miss Evie Bothwell Maryam Nour
Mrs. Zellah Baptie Anna Lisa Karhinen
Mrs. Coyte Olivia (Liv) Brown
Mrs. Varnum Suzan Flatla
Mrs. Millie Needler Halia Osadca


Production Managers Catriona Malcolmson
Susan Sinchak
Assistant Director Tom Kobolak
Stage Manager Rachel Worton
Assistant Stage Managers Margaret Jones
Julia Lamperd
Set Design Dorothy Shaw
Construction Coordinator Rom Frigon
assisted by Paul Carriere
Bruce Cunningham
Debbie Cunningham
Barry Fortey
Mike Giovinazzo
Set Painting Rom Frigon
Melanie Anderson
Paul Carriere
Margrit Cattell
Bruce Cunningham
Debbie Cunningham
Barry Fortey
Dorothy Shaw
Set D├ęcor & Furnishings Dorothy Shaw
assisted by Melanie Anderson
Costume Designer Dael Foster
Marilyn Valiquette
assisted by Margrit Cattell
Kathryn Clarke
Heather Hogan
Eufron Williams
Dresser Christine Lindsay
Heather Hogan
Maryam Nour
Sound Design Justin Ladelpha
assisted by Dhriti Aravind
Matt Ouelette
Lighting Design Iain McCracken
assisted by Allison Houston
Evan Nearning
Music Composer Consultant Lois Lanteigne
Pianist Kenny Hayes
Fight/Stunt Choreographer Aaron Lajeunesse
Properties Lorelei Miller
assisted by Brenda Blandford
Patti Vopni
Kathleen Walsh
Continuity Ann Williams
Sheryl Bell
Margrit Cattell
Miriam Fitzgerald
Bill Sturgess
Make-up Beverley Brooks
assisted by Joan Amyot
Stephanie Cummings
Martha Johnstone
Shelby Morris
Hilary Philebrown
Hairstylist Carol Walkey
assisted by Tiara Wallace
Green Room Adele Mayers
assisted by Ann Williams
Cast Wrangler Fiona Hill
Adjudicator Escort Dorothy Shaw
Portrait Photography Paul Grant
Publicity Susan Sinchak
assisted by Christine Feldman
Paul Grant
Jim Holmes
Emily Walsh
Marquee Signs Paul Behncke
Sean Behncke
Programme Wendy Wagner
Box Office Gordon Marwood
Refreshments Andrea Fajrajsl
House Manager Terry Leonard