A Year in the Death of Eddie Jester

by T. Gregory Argall

Performed September 2017
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Stavros Sakiadis



Eddie Jester Josh Sparks
Susan Katherine Williams
Jennifer Lindsay Laviolette
Max Jamie Hegland
Dr. Jimmy Ian Gillies
Jayne/Heather Jessica Doucet
Announcer/Patient Gabriel DeRooy



Production Managers Ron Gardner
Catriona Malcolmson
Assistant Director Ron Gardner
Stage Manager/2nd Asst. Director Sarah Scott
Assistant Stage Managers Margaret Jones
Terry Leonard
Set Design Jim Clarke
Construction Coordinator Heidi Roberts
assisted by Paul Behncke
Don Bell
Paul Carriere
Jim Clarke
Adam Elleithy
Rom Frigon
Ron Gardner
Lionel King
Steve Roberts
Karl Wagner
Ayren Zinck
Set Painting Maria Cook
assisted by Marlaena Bailey
Lynda Cronin
Adam Elleithy
Chrissy Feldman
Joy Forbes
Jennifer Ljungstrom
Sheila Trivisonno
Set Décor & Furnishings Susan Sinchak
Costume Designer Heather Hogan
assisted by Kathryn Clarke
Sound Design Neihls Jacobson
assisted by Bashir Barre
Lighting Design Torin Zaugg
assisted by Evan Nearing, Barbara Rousseau
Scrim Operator Chandra Von Teichman
Properties Janet White
assisted by Adam Elleithy
Patti Vopni
Continuity Joy Forbes
Halia Osadca
William Sturgess
Ann Williams
Make-up Beverley Brooks
assisted by Joan Amyot
Clare Flockton
Shelley Harrison
Hilary Philebrown
Green Room Susan Monaghan
assisted by Ashley McBeath
Adele Mayers
Ann Williams
Portrait Photography Paul Grant
Publicity James Renaud
assisted by Chrissy Feldman
Jim Holmes
Susan Monaghan
Emily Walsh
Marquee Signs Paul Behncke
Sean Behncke
Programme Wendy Wagner
Box Office Gordon Marwood
Refreshments Barbara Kobolak
House Manager Don Lillico