by Anthony Shaffer

Performed February 2018
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Beverley Brooks


Andrew Wyke Dale MacEachern
Milo Tindle Jarrod Chambers
Inspector Doppler James Knowlton
Detective Sergeant Tarrant Ian Redpath
Police Constable Higgs Rohan Brooks


Production Managers Joan Patrick
Stage Manager Wendy Wagner
Assistant Stage Managers Katie Buller
Amy Osborne
Set Design Karl Wagner
Construction Coordinator Karl Wagner
assisted by Paul Behncke
Sean Behncke
Jim Clarke
Enver Dokuzoguz
Dean Flockton
Barry Fortey
Rom Frigon
Mike Giovinazzo
Lionel King
Bert Lungstrom
Heidi Roberts
Daniel Winters
Larry Witol
Set Painting Sandy Wynne
assisted by Paul Behncke
Sean Behncke
Bev Brooks
Diane Burke
Enver Dokuzoguz
Karen Germundson
Adele Mayers
Chandra von Teichman
Portrait Painting Dorothy Shaw
Set D├ęcor & Furnishings Dorothy Shaw
assisted by Suzan Flatla
Sandy Wynne
Costume Designer Maxine Ball
Dresser Joy Forbes
Sound Design Robert Fairbairn
assisted by Mike Bosnich
Sound Recording Robert Fairbairn
Lighting Design Evan Nearing
assisted by Karl Wagner
Original Music
Robert Mitchell
assisted by Megan Mitchell
Special Effects Rob Fairbairn
Karl Wagner
Martin Weeden
Andrew Williams
Properties Susan Sinchak
assisted by Erica Gordon
Tania Nadelle
Continuity Margrit Cattell
Miriam Fitzgerald
Halia Osadca
Barbara Rousseau
Arlene Watson
Ann Williams
Make-up Martha Johnstone
Hairstylist Carol Walkey
Vocalist Arlene Watson
Weapons Wench Tracey Bourke
assisted by Kendrick Abell
Fight Coordinator Aaron Lajeunesse
Green Room Nancy Cormier
assisted by Christine Walton
Publicity James Renaud
assisted by Chrissy Feldman
Jim Holmes
Susan Monaghan
Amy Osborne
Emily Walsh
Marquee Signs Paul Behncke
Sean Behncke
Programme Wendy Wagner
Box Office Gordon Marwood
Refreshments Barbara Kobolak
House Manager Susan Monaghan