Don't Dress for Dinner

by Marc Camoletti 

Performed September 2018
at the Ron Maslin Playhouse
(10 performances: part of the regular season)

Directed by Peter Williams



Bernard Andrew Hosale
Robert Jamie Hegland
Jacqueline Kelly Fuoco
Suzette Reba Sigler
Suzanne Sabrina Mussai
George Shawn Thorpe



Production Managers Theresa Williams
Andrew Williams
Shadow Director Geoff Williams
Stage Manager Kaitlin Williams
Assistant Stage Managers Margaret Jones
Jen Ljungström
Emma Clarke
Set Design Jim Clarke
Construction Coordinator Jim Clarke
assisted by Brooke Keneford
Larry Witol
Lionel King
Rom Frignon
Barry Fortey
Bil Lumley
Bert Ljungström
Jack Donohue
Joey Donohue
Karl Wagner
Set Painting Chandra von Teichman
assisted by

Diane Burke
Kathryn Clarke
Deanne Donohue
Jack Donohue
Val Guilbault
Mary Holmes
Carolyn Johnstone
Barbara Kobolak
Ainsley Ljungström
Jen Ljungström
Malcolm McCracken
Hilary Philebrown
Sheila Trivisonno
Gordon Walt

Set Décor & Furnishings Ron Gardner
Costume Designer Saundra Eaves
assisted by Eufron Williams
Sound Design Bert Ljungström
assisted by Parker Ljungström
Neihls Jacobson
Lighting Design Bill McLaughlin
assisted by Karl Wagner
Tristan Williams
Properties Janet White
assisted by Adam Elleithy
Patti Vopni
Fight Choreographer Aaron Lajeunesse
Continuity Gord Walls
Tracey Bourke
Diane Burke
Margrit Cattell
Miriam Fitzgerald
Make-up Martha Johnstone
assisted by Val Guilbault
Hilary Philebrown
Green Room Theresa Williams
assisted by Michael Gareau
Ann Williams
Andrew Williams
Gail Beaven
Carmen Klassen
Publicity James Renaud
assisted by Chrissy Feldman
Jim Holmes
Susan Monaghan
Emily Walsh
Marquee Signs Paul Behncke
Sean Behncke
Box Office Anna Filia
Refreshments Barbara Kobolak
House Manager Don Lillico