Kanata Theatre began in what is now the Beaverbrook community of Kanata, which at that time was a housing development in March Township. Construction traffic entered the site by means of Beaverbrook Road, while prospective purchasers were directed to The Parkway. To ensure that no big trucks sullied The Parkway, a heavy beam was mounted across it, supported by big triangular concrete pedestals.

The pedestals still stand near the main access to the Earl of March Secondary School; each pedestal has, cast into it, a triangle-within-a-triangle motif.

Several local community organizations adopted the triangle motif, and indeed the March-Kanata Skating Club continues to use it in its logo. For Kanata Theatre, Ron Maslin designed the first logo, based on a theatrical mask, in 1969. He followed it with a double-mask design in about 1973. This continued in use until 1988, when Ron created a logo especially for Kanata Theatre's 20th anniversary season, again using two masks, but one having a sad face, the other a happy face.

For subsequent seasons, he used the core of the anniversary logo, and a digitized form of this has become the current logo.

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