The Timeline of one performance

What members must do in the Ron Maslin Playhouse to allow
the audience to see one performance of a show.

At the end of the performance
n.b. End-time is shown as “H” hour.

Time What happens
H-3 Stage Manager phones Front of House to give three-minute warning

Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Managers cue curtain call.

At end of curtain call, house lights go on and front of house people open doors into corridors.

Actors return to dressing room, remove make-up, change out of costume and hang costumes on “Current Production” rack.

H+5 When audience has left, Front of House walk every row to pick up discarded programs and trash, and to find objects left behind, which are taken to “Lost and Found” in the cloakroom. Then they close down the House, shut corridor doors, turn off corridor lights, and set thermostats to lowest setting.
H+10 approx

Operators shut down sound board, turn on work lights backstage, turn off house lights and shut down lighting board.

Props and stage crew re-set stage and backstage, as much as they can, for next performance.

Wardrobe people examine costumes for make-up stains: in particular, examine shirts and blouses to see whether they should be washed or cleaned before the next performance.

Green room washes any dirty dishes, puts away snacks, to leave the room tidy.

H+15 approx Last audience members leave foyer, Front of House manager locks front door and checks side doors, switches off lights and reports to Stage Manager,
H+30 approx When actors, admirers and staff have left, the Stage Manager, usually with one other person, checks the whole complex, turns out any remaining lights, sets the alarm system, and leaves.