The director has overall responsibility for the artistic side of the production from the time the play is chosen to the time it opens. He or she will study the script in detail and will have the vision of how the play will be presented. The director develops the overall concept for interpretation, style and staging of the production. He will arrange auditions and select a cast, work with the producer on production requirements, set up the rehearsal schedule, and conduct rehearsals.  

Musical Director, Choreographer

If a play calls for actors to sing or to create music in some way, then a musical director will be needed in addition to the artistic director. Similarly, if dances are to be performed, then a choreographer will be needed.

Producer (Production Manager)

The producer is responsible for ensuring that the non-artistic side of the production runs smoothly, by putting together a team of people to perform all the other functions described here. This is not a job for the faint hearted, but the result is very rewarding, to see a production "come together" and have actors, technicians and assistants working together smoothly. This function entails the overseeing as well as the co-ordination of all the many departments involved in the production and ensuring that things happen at the time they are needed.