The Timeline of one performance

What members must do in the Ron Maslin Playhouse to allow
the audience to see one performance of a show.

Before and during intermission
n.b. Intermission is shown as happening at time “T”

Time What happens
T-20 Servery people empty dishwasher after washing pre-show cups and saucers, load the serving cart with cakes, coffee and tea.
T-15 Move serving cart to far side of foyer.
T-5 Servery and Box Office staff take up positions.
T-3 approx. Stage Manager phones Front of House with message "3 pages to go", as appropriate, to warn the staff that the end of the act is approaching.

Two people are designated for each side, to open the doors from the House into corridors.

Time T: start of intermission At end of applause, lights brighten in corridor, Front of House staff open doors and latch them open.

Servery sells cakes and coffee both from the servery and from the cart.

Cloak room is staffed in case an audience member needs to go out to smoke.

Box Office re-opens for season ticket sales.

Front of House stations "sentries" at each corridor in case an audience member tries to take food or drink into the House (plain water is allowed).

Two Front of House people stand near the stage in case an audience member tries to go on stage.

The actors relax for a few minutes.

Make-up checks each actor.

Stage crew and Props re-set the stage for Act 2.

T+10 or T+15 Front of House manager rings handbell: audience re-enters.
T+15 or T+20 Front of House manager gives signal to close House doors in pairs, as before.

As last door closes, Stage Manager cues start of next act.

T+20 Box Office tally season ticket sales (at the time of year when season tickets are being sold) and lock up.

Front of House and servery staff clean up dirty dishes and soft drink cans, return the cart and unload it, load dishwasher and put away cakes, cookies, juices etc.

During the final act